Does having a hot bath after sex stop you getting pregnant and other myths!!!

Does having a hot bath after sex stop conception? And other myths about sex, conception and contraceptive methods!!!

The other day, after having sex, I decide to go and have a bath (and always like my baths hot), but while I was in there I started wondering about whether it would affect me getting pregnant. So when I got out, I said this to my other half, who being a geek decided to google it and see what it said.

We found a lot of different sites listing rumours and myths that people believed to be true, but are factually incorrect.

  1. Hot Bath kills sperm
    • This has 2 parts to it, firstly the fact that heat kills sperm, which is true, but needs to be heat directed at the sperm cells, where as generalised heat wouldn’t have the same effect. Secondly is the concept of washing out, there is little to no evidence that washing out your vagina has any effect on killing the sperm cells.
  2. Washing out with soda will kill sperm cells
    • As above there is no evidence to support this, however, it has been found that regular practice of washing out with carbonated drinks, increases the risk of yeast infections, as they are commonly very high in sugar.
  3. Movement and positioning afterwards affects whether you get pregnant
    • The myths are that if you stand up or do star jumps after sex this would make it more difficult for the sperm to swim towards the egg. Or on the other hand, lying with your bum in the air would give the sperm cells the assistance of gravity to help with the journey towards the egg. These are both factually untrue, as gravity has little to no effect on sperm cells either positive or negative.
  4. Need to have sex every day
    • Having sex every day of the month, in fact decrease the chance of getting pregnant, as the sperm count and therefore concentration drops, therefore meaning the chance of getting pregnant are reduced.
    • It is much more effective if you have sex regularly during the period of the females high fertility, as this is obviously the time when women are most likely to conceive
  5. Ovulate 14 days after period
    • A study found that only 30% of females are most fertile at this time after their period. While this is a good general guide, it is much more effective to establish exactly when women are most fertile by using a fertility test kit.
  6. Can’t get pregnant while on your period
    • This follows on from the previous myth, as the date of ovulation is not a definite date in relation to your period, so it is possible to be ovulating while on your period, so is therefore possible to get pregnant at this time.
  7. You won’t get pregnant the first time
    • Again like with myth 6, if you are at a time of high fertility when you have sex, then there is always a chance that you may get pregnant, unless contraception is used.
  8. Withdrawal Method
    • This doesn’t work, as male produces a pre-ejaculate to assist with lubrication, which contains sperm cells, so has the same potential to fertilise the egg, so even if ejaculation doesn’t occur internally there is a chance of getting pregnant
  9. All lubes work the same
    • Lubes are designed to, as the name suggest, lubricate the movement of the penis inside the vagina, however, most are a very thick substance, which makes the movement of the sperm cells very difficult, like us trying to run in quick sand. However, as mentioned in our previous blog, there are some lubes that are designed to assist with conception
  10. You can use cling film or crisp packets instead of a condom…
    • I thought I’d finish with a comical one, but as a friend got pregnant while using cling film, it shows people do believe it.
    • Contraceptives have been designed specifically to virtually eliminate the chance of getting pregnant, such as condoms are designed to fit around the penis and trap the semen after ejaculation. Crisp packets and cling film, are both designed to keep food fresh, not retain fluid.
    • Added to this can’t imagine using crisp packet is particularly comfortable or hygienic

So here are some rumours that are currently flying round the internet. Hope I have dispelled them. Thanks for reading and hopefully its put a smile on your face 🙂 as I have enjoyed reading up about them on various other sites.


Antidepressants and Pregnancy… Do they go?

Today I have been looking into Antidepressants and pregnancy before and during pregnancy.

Last Friday (17th August) I visited my GP, as was feeling down and very tired, as not sleeping, due to a variety of things which are going on in my life at the moment. He prescribed me some Sertaline 50mg to take and see how I get on.

So I was sitting here today thinking about how well antidepressants and getting pregnant/being pregnant go together, as 43.4 million antidepressants prescriptions were made last year. With approximately  25% of people experiencing some kind of mental health problem every year.

So today I got looking online and seeing what people say about the tablets I’m on (Sertaline) and other antidepressants.

From what I have found, there has been no evidence to prove that it causes problems with conception, although there is some possible research showing a slight increase in risk of heart defects if on Antidepressants like Sertaline, in the early stages of pregnancy, although they did concede it was more common if the mother was on more than one type of antidepressants. With regards to conception, I can find little to no evidence, of it causing any problems with conception. If anything, people have reported it being easier to conceive, as they say its easier to conceive, when you are in a happy and more positive mind set, which the anti-depressants allow.

As I am only intending to be on these short term, hopefully there should be no problems, but even so the problems seem to be very few and very rare, so cause for concern is not great.

Condoms: Lots of fun or more hassle than they are worth?

Me and my partner, used condoms for 9 months of our relationship, before we went onto the depo-provera injection. We used them because at the time we didn’t want to get pregnant, but hadn’t really thought about or at the beginning, were not serious enough, to really consider using a longer term contraceptive.

Neither of us particularly liked using them, for a start the feel of them isn’t the most arousing. Added to this there is the awkward break, as things are getting go to put on the condom before going to the next stage. And then there is the fun of afterwards, laying there in your lovers arms, with basically a bag full of salty goodness. The whole concept is not nice.

So what are the benefits? They do come in a variety of flavours, colour and textures for people who prefer different things, with each manufacturer making their own versions (which I will discuss later). They also have no long term effect, so once you take off the condom, there is no lasting effect on your ability to conceive.

Finally, I believe that condoms are condoms, no matter who makes them, however, it must be noted that personally I found that Mates condoms caused me to become very dry, so we needed to use extra lube, as well as the lubrication within the condom.

So personally for us, condoms were not the option for us long term, but for people who like to explore flavours and textures more than we did, they may well work well for you.

Can Alternative Therapies help with getting Pregnant?

As you have probably guessed by now, we are trying to get pregnant. So are trying different ways that claim to help with fertility or getting pregnant. So one such way is alternative therapies.

Alternative therapies, are a range of different methods of treatment, which are more focused on treating the body as a whole rather than just an injury/ailment or body part. One such therapy, which a close friend is qualified in, is Bowen Therapy. It is very effective at relaxing the body, and encouraging it to promote healing. My partner has used it to help sporting injuries for about 7 years, with great effect, more so than traditional modern medicines. It works by using specific moves in a specific positions on the body, to promote normal energy flow. There is one move over the coccyx, which releases a lot of energy, and is believed to help with improving fertility.

So I will be having regular treatments, including the coccyx move, to try and help us get pregnant. Even if this move in particular does not help with fertility, I feel that as Bowen Therapy as a whole decreases stress and improves body well being, then these factors will also have a large effect on both mine and other peoples attempts to get pregnant.

So furthermore, I think that all therapies could have a place in helping with couples getting pregnant. As it is often said that stress and being under the weather, are common reasons which inhibit couples getting pregnant. So therefore any therapy that causes release of stress and helping the body to function more effectively would help. These could include Reflexology, Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Counselling, Homeopathy, Reiki, Osteopathy, Chiropractor, Yoga and many more (see for a list).

As all of these have some effect, even if the effect is only placebo, the brain is a very powerful tool, and who are we to say that this effect will not help a couple get pregnant?

The Pill…Is it the best form of contraception?

This is another hormonal contraceptive, meaning that it prevents a female becoming pregnant by altering hormone levels. It contains both oestrogen and progestin. It works by taking a pill at the same time every day for 21 days, followed by a week of no tablets, or a placebo tablet. The female will have a period during that week, but remained protected for all 28 days. There are other versions, where there are 24 days of pill and only 4 days of placebo. The  period is more controlled than normal periods as is controlled to be at a certain time, as it can be delayed, by taking the active pills for a longer period than 21 days.

So for a start this contraceptive option, does not stop periods as the other do, or at least claim to do. It also requires a greater effort from the user, as they are required to take a pill every day, rather than have a one of injection. So are there other negatives with this option? Yes, it is like other hormonal options, such as acne, weight gain, decreased sex drive, change in vaginal secretions, depression and possibly increase blood pressure.

However, due to its short term effect of each pill, the benefit of the pill is that it will be out of the system very quickly, so should return to normal ovulation very quickly. So this is a popular choice for people who are considering getting pregnant soon, but not ready quite yet.

However, for me personally the problem would be remembering to take a pill every day, as my memory isn’t the greatest, and I don’t stick to a routine, so would probably forgot several times a month, which then makes the drug much less effective.

So has a lot of the down sides of other hormonal options, but does have the benefit of being quickly out of the system once you stop.

Still to go in our reviews is condoms and IUDs. There is more permanent contraceptive options like hysterectomy or the male snip. However these are a bit more permanent and not really suitable for people like us who are looking to get pregnant afterwards.

Implant Contraceptive: The good, the bad and the ugly….

This blog is about the Implant contraceptive option. It will contain the run down on what it is, the benefits of it and the problems that people have experienced with it,

So it is a product called Nexplanon, and like the depo-provera injection it is a reversible hormonal contraceptive. It however is longer acting and as such needs replacing every 3 years, not every 3 months. It is injected into the upper arm, just above the elbow, under local anaesthetic. It works by increasing the hormone progestin, which inhibits ovulation and also alters the viscosity of the cervical mucus, meaning it is less penetrable by the sperm.

It is normally recommended from continuing to use another contraceptive for the first week after the implant, to make sure that it has started to release progestin, causing the contraceptive effect to occur. It is also good in that once removed, within a few days, the hormonal effect should have left the body. It has been found to be 99.95% effective.

However there are down sides, much like the depo, it can cause irregular periods, which may last longer than normal, it can also cause headaches, weight gain and affect mood.

People who have had it, have reported all of these symptoms, and some like me saying how they are having nearly non-stop periods, causing many to become anaemic. They also have said that even after having it removed/after the 3 years, it has taken many months for periods to return to normal or start at all.

So like the Depo, this is a contraceptive method, that has its strengths for some people, as some do rave at how good it is, but then for people like me, who hormonal contraceptives are a problem, then this would certainly not be suitable.

Tomorrow we will review the pill (and the different options). So could be a long post.

If I went back in time would I have the Depo again?

So how have I found the last 5months? It has been anything but great.

I’ve been bleeding for the best part of every month, instead of having a weekly period I’ve been having a week gap with no bleeding, which has had a massive impact in our sex lifes.

I have been to the doctors about this who say “it’s part of the depo”….. Why is this even happing? Is the depo that bad for our bodies that it pretty much messes everything about to the point it takes ages to get back to normal? If this is the case then I can’t see the sense in recommending it to anyone.

I only had one injection of the depo , I never thought it would be such a nightmare after having it (wishful thinking, as I had read a lot of websites which other people have had problems after the depo).

From what I have said so far, you would think the answer to my question would be NO!!! However, as mentioned in a previous post, if we had not been in the position of not being able to have children, at least for the next few months, that made us seriously consider about our future and our shared desire to have children of our own.

So, I probably wouldn’t use the Depo-Provera injection again, but an alternative that caused us to think the same without the complications would have been brilliant. But is there any such solution… Implant/condoms/pill/etc. 

Over the next few weeks we will research and review the pros and cons of each alternative, save you the hassle. So check back over the next few weeks for all the information.

The big dilema…price or quality?

So this blog is about products in general, be it lubricants helping with conception, ovulation/fertility tests and even pregnancy tests.

We went through a period of having a shortage of money, so decided to buy cheaper products, such as KY Jelly instead of the more expensive Durex Feel or Sasmar Conceive Plus.

So now when money isn’t so much of an issue, and we are seriously considering having a baby, we are now faced with the question but this time with both lubricant and fertility test.

We have the option of Sasmar Conceive Plus or Preseed, they are priced at £12.99 and £14.99 respectively. So not much difference, but the Preseed, comes with 9 applicators, although these are reusable, as you can select how much to apply internally. I personally think that we will continue to use Sasmar Conceive Plus, as I am more dry external, so don’t need to apply it inside.

Now with respect to ovulation tests, again there are several options, as shown on this website: Ovulation Tests. It is a choice between the top of the range Clear Blue Fertility Monitors or the cheaper options which closely resemble pregnancy tests. Do you spend more money initially and get a hopefully better quality product, or do the cheaper options do just a good a job? Something that I don’t know the answer to….

The same goes for fertility tests for men, which range from £12-£24+, is it false economy to go for the cheaper option, as may get less accurate results.

Finally, is pregnancy tests, this is more as a little anecdote than a review as same applies as for fertility and ovulation tests. A friend recently was chatting to me and said that he believed his girlfriend was pregnant, due to her “having got a bit of a bump and her boobs getting bigger”. They had used 2 pregnancy tests, which had come back negative, but due to them being cheap, he didn’t believe that they were accurate. I somehow think they are, but we shall wait and see. But it made me smile and chuckle when he said it.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment, if you have any experience with any of the products, or have a view about which we should choose.

My Days App…8/10

My Days App

In this Blog I am going to tell you about an app I have been using for about a year, which is called My Days.

A bit about My Days (app)

It’s an app with easy tracking & prediction calendar for your period, ovulation and fertility.

Other features include:
– Calendar
– Multi User support
– Multiple languages (en,de,it,es,fr,cn,tw)
– Add personal info regarding birth control; notes, intercourse, pill, etc
– eMail History to yourself or your Doctor
– Backup
– Basal metabolic temperature (BMT) Chart
– 4 Widgets
– Customizable colours
+ Pro Trial Password lock & reminder

This app can be a bit hit and miss, when I was regular, starting pretty much on the first of the month every month then it worked quite well, however, once I started the depo, and my periods started to be more erratic, then the app no longer worked as it was based on monthly cycles.

If I was regular again, it does have the advantage of saying when you should start ovulating, which I think is very good for a free app, although the fact it places it at 2 weeks after the start of your period, its accuracy is questionable.

So overall I would give this app 8/10

Fertility Lubricant


Since having the Depo injection, we have found I can get rather dry when having intercourse.

Before we started thinking or trying to have a baby we used three different Lubes:

  • Durex Play Feel: It did the job quite well and kept things moist it also didn’t dry out too soon and left no sticky after feeling.
  • KY Jelly : we bought KY Jelly mainly as it was cheap and available anywhere much likes durex products. Does leave an awful sticky residue, which is quite unpleasant. Although it does provide an enjoyable feel and lasted a long time.
  • Durex Play Heat: WOW!!! What can I say about this…….. I must be either extremely sensitive or this Lube should have a warning on it!! I found this Lube to be stupidly painful as it burnt and was very uncomfortable and made the Intercourse so unenjoyeble that we had to stop. It might not have been this lube but the next day I got a very bad water infection. It also made me so sensitive that we couldn’t sleep together for a month!!! As it was still causing a lot of pain. (On the plus a lot of friends have used this lube and say its amazing…. Everyone is different)

We now use a Lube called Sasmar Conceive Plus. You might wonder what Sasmar Conceive Plus is and how did we find out about it?

One month on from having the Depot injection, We started doing some research into getting pregnant and everything we needed to know about having a baby. We soon found out normal lubes (KY jelly/Durex/other makes) are not the best thing to use because some can contain mild spermicide so can affect getting pregnant.

Why did we buy Sasmar Concetive Plus? Well there were two main brands we had to pick from Sasmar Concetive Plus and Pre-seed. The only reason we went for Sasmar Concertive Plus is because of the price it was a slightly cheaper.  When we first used this lube we found it to be very watery unlike Durex  and didn’t leave any stickiness or bad smell, a little goes along way as well (something that I occasionally forget so can be more moist than others).  As you all know I am not pregnant yet but this could be down to the depot injection rather than the Lube.  The next time we need to buy some lube we will be trying pre-seed to see if there is any difference between both products.

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