5 months on…

So here we are 5 months on from when my depo jab was due. So how has getting pregnant gone and more to the point, how has my body reacted and recovered…

Well, I am not pregnant, so as predicted it hasn’t been as easy as it could have been. But then again we weren’t expecting anything different, at least until next March. However, there is still always that nagging doubt, what if I am going to have difficulties, is it me being low/infertile or does my other half have low fertility, which due to his diabetes could be possible…

We are however, trying to remain positive, as it could still be all because of the depo, as my periods, although initially normal, have now become quite irregular in timing and strength.

So the first couple of months I seemed to be returning back to normal periods very quickly. However, after about 3 months I started having a variety of periods, either very heavy or very light, and either lasting a couple of days or several weeks, and any combination of these, and this could happen once or twice a month. Which is a pain not only because its not very pleasant, but also meant that I was going through sanitary towels at a rate on knotts.

Any how, I will keep this updated, and if I find any useful links, apps or information will put it on here.


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