Our Story

Hello and welcome to our blog.  I’m sure some of you are wondering why we  have chosen to stay anonymous, in today’s blog I’m going to give you a brief description why we are writing the blog.

In December 2011, we went to my local GP and talked about all the different contraception’s available. After a brief chat we decided the Depo-Provera injection was the one for us.  No taking a tablet everyday which we were bounded to forget when in a rush to get to work.

We went back a week or so later and I had the jab. Just after Christmas me and my other half started to think about having a baby, Probably because there was no way or very little chance of this happening while we were on this depo jab. (The whole you want what u can’t have….)

March this year (2012) my Depo-Provera injection was due, after more long chats with my other half we decided this wasn’t going to be the case, as we would finally try for a baby (very exciting……or at least it should be)

We wish we could say us trying for a baby would be straight forward. We very much doubt it will be. Reasons why we believe this are:

1)    The Depo-Provera injection can take 1yr to leave your body even if you only have 1 shot (some people it can take even longer than that, to get regular period’s and everything back to normal)

2)    My mother had problems having me having to result in having IVF after one failed attempt, I came along. After they had me they did try another set of IVF but like the first one that didn’t work.

3)    My Grandmother also had problems having babies and like me my mother is an only child.

We really hope we are wrong and that we don’t have any problems.

We really wish we had looked at the cons before having the Depo-Provera injection, mainly as the doctors would now make me wait 2yrs before they will do tests to make sure I don’t have the same problems as my Mother/Grandmother had having babies. On the plus side if we hadn’t gone on the Depo-Provera injection we wouldn’t have thought about having children.

If you have any advice please do let me know, also any feedback about my blog would also be great.


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