Fertility Lubricant


Since having the Depo injection, we have found I can get rather dry when having intercourse.

Before we started thinking or trying to have a baby we used three different Lubes:

  • Durex Play Feel: It did the job quite well and kept things moist it also didn’t dry out too soon and left no sticky after feeling.
  • KY Jelly : we bought KY Jelly mainly as it was cheap and available anywhere much likes durex products. Does leave an awful sticky residue, which is quite unpleasant. Although it does provide an enjoyable feel and lasted a long time.
  • Durex Play Heat: WOW!!! What can I say about this…….. I must be either extremely sensitive or this Lube should have a warning on it!! I found this Lube to be stupidly painful as it burnt and was very uncomfortable and made the Intercourse so unenjoyeble that we had to stop. It might not have been this lube but the next day I got a very bad water infection. It also made me so sensitive that we couldn’t sleep together for a month!!! As it was still causing a lot of pain. (On the plus a lot of friends have used this lube and say its amazing…. Everyone is different)

We now use a Lube called Sasmar Conceive Plus. You might wonder what Sasmar Conceive Plus is and how did we find out about it?

One month on from having the Depot injection, We started doing some research into getting pregnant and everything we needed to know about having a baby. We soon found out normal lubes (KY jelly/Durex/other makes) are not the best thing to use because some can contain mild spermicide so can affect getting pregnant.

Why did we buy Sasmar Concetive Plus? Well there were two main brands we had to pick from Sasmar Concetive Plus and Pre-seed. The only reason we went for Sasmar Concertive Plus is because of the price it was a slightly cheaper.  When we first used this lube we found it to be very watery unlike Durex  and didn’t leave any stickiness or bad smell, a little goes along way as well (something that I occasionally forget so can be more moist than others).  As you all know I am not pregnant yet but this could be down to the depot injection rather than the Lube.  The next time we need to buy some lube we will be trying pre-seed to see if there is any difference between both products.


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