My Days App…8/10

My Days App

In this Blog I am going to tell you about an app I have been using for about a year, which is called My Days.

A bit about My Days (app)

It’s an app with easy tracking & prediction calendar for your period, ovulation and fertility.

Other features include:
– Calendar
– Multi User support
– Multiple languages (en,de,it,es,fr,cn,tw)
– Add personal info regarding birth control; notes, intercourse, pill, etc
– eMail History to yourself or your Doctor
– Backup
– Basal metabolic temperature (BMT) Chart
– 4 Widgets
– Customizable colours
+ Pro Trial Password lock & reminder

This app can be a bit hit and miss, when I was regular, starting pretty much on the first of the month every month then it worked quite well, however, once I started the depo, and my periods started to be more erratic, then the app no longer worked as it was based on monthly cycles.

If I was regular again, it does have the advantage of saying when you should start ovulating, which I think is very good for a free app, although the fact it places it at 2 weeks after the start of your period, its accuracy is questionable.

So overall I would give this app 8/10


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