The big dilema…price or quality?

So this blog is about products in general, be it lubricants helping with conception, ovulation/fertility tests and even pregnancy tests.

We went through a period of having a shortage of money, so decided to buy cheaper products, such as KY Jelly instead of the more expensive Durex Feel or Sasmar Conceive Plus.

So now when money isn’t so much of an issue, and we are seriously considering having a baby, we are now faced with the question but this time with both lubricant and fertility test.

We have the option of Sasmar Conceive Plus or Preseed, they are priced at £12.99 and £14.99 respectively. So not much difference, but the Preseed, comes with 9 applicators, although these are reusable, as you can select how much to apply internally. I personally think that we will continue to use Sasmar Conceive Plus, as I am more dry external, so don’t need to apply it inside.

Now with respect to ovulation tests, again there are several options, as shown on this website: Ovulation Tests. It is a choice between the top of the range Clear Blue Fertility Monitors or the cheaper options which closely resemble pregnancy tests. Do you spend more money initially and get a hopefully better quality product, or do the cheaper options do just a good a job? Something that I don’t know the answer to….

The same goes for fertility tests for men, which range from £12-£24+, is it false economy to go for the cheaper option, as may get less accurate results.

Finally, is pregnancy tests, this is more as a little anecdote than a review as same applies as for fertility and ovulation tests. A friend recently was chatting to me and said that he believed his girlfriend was pregnant, due to her “having got a bit of a bump and her boobs getting bigger”. They had used 2 pregnancy tests, which had come back negative, but due to them being cheap, he didn’t believe that they were accurate. I somehow think they are, but we shall wait and see. But it made me smile and chuckle when he said it.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment, if you have any experience with any of the products, or have a view about which we should choose.


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