The Pill…Is it the best form of contraception?

This is another hormonal contraceptive, meaning that it prevents a female becoming pregnant by altering hormone levels. It contains both oestrogen and progestin. It works by taking a pill at the same time every day for 21 days, followed by a week of no tablets, or a placebo tablet. The female will have a period during that week, but remained protected for all 28 days. There are other versions, where there are 24 days of pill and only 4 days of placebo. The  period is more controlled than normal periods as is controlled to be at a certain time, as it can be delayed, by taking the active pills for a longer period than 21 days.

So for a start this contraceptive option, does not stop periods as the other do, or at least claim to do. It also requires a greater effort from the user, as they are required to take a pill every day, rather than have a one of injection. So are there other negatives with this option? Yes, it is like other hormonal options, such as acne, weight gain, decreased sex drive, change in vaginal secretions, depression and possibly increase blood pressure.

However, due to its short term effect of each pill, the benefit of the pill is that it will be out of the system very quickly, so should return to normal ovulation very quickly. So this is a popular choice for people who are considering getting pregnant soon, but not ready quite yet.

However, for me personally the problem would be remembering to take a pill every day, as my memory isn’t the greatest, and I don’t stick to a routine, so would probably forgot several times a month, which then makes the drug much less effective.

So has a lot of the down sides of other hormonal options, but does have the benefit of being quickly out of the system once you stop.

Still to go in our reviews is condoms and IUDs. There is more permanent contraceptive options like hysterectomy or the male snip. However these are a bit more permanent and not really suitable for people like us who are looking to get pregnant afterwards.


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