Condoms: Lots of fun or more hassle than they are worth?

Me and my partner, used condoms for 9 months of our relationship, before we went onto the depo-provera injection. We used them because at the time we didn’t want to get pregnant, but hadn’t really thought about or at the beginning, were not serious enough, to really consider using a longer term contraceptive.

Neither of us particularly liked using them, for a start the feel of them isn’t the most arousing. Added to this there is the awkward break, as things are getting go to put on the condom before going to the next stage. And then there is the fun of afterwards, laying there in your lovers arms, with basically a bag full of salty goodness. The whole concept is not nice.

So what are the benefits? They do come in a variety of flavours, colour and textures for people who prefer different things, with each manufacturer making their own versions (which I will discuss later). They also have no long term effect, so once you take off the condom, there is no lasting effect on your ability to conceive.

Finally, I believe that condoms are condoms, no matter who makes them, however, it must be noted that personally I found that Mates condoms caused me to become very dry, so we needed to use extra lube, as well as the lubrication within the condom.

So personally for us, condoms were not the option for us long term, but for people who like to explore flavours and textures more than we did, they may well work well for you.


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