Does having a hot bath after sex stop you getting pregnant and other myths!!!

Does having a hot bath after sex stop conception? And other myths about sex, conception and contraceptive methods!!!

The other day, after having sex, I decide to go and have a bath (and always like my baths hot), but while I was in there I started wondering about whether it would affect me getting pregnant. So when I got out, I said this to my other half, who being a geek decided to google it and see what it said.

We found a lot of different sites listing rumours and myths that people believed to be true, but are factually incorrect.

  1. Hot Bath kills sperm
    • This has 2 parts to it, firstly the fact that heat kills sperm, which is true, but needs to be heat directed at the sperm cells, where as generalised heat wouldn’t have the same effect. Secondly is the concept of washing out, there is little to no evidence that washing out your vagina has any effect on killing the sperm cells.
  2. Washing out with soda will kill sperm cells
    • As above there is no evidence to support this, however, it has been found that regular practice of washing out with carbonated drinks, increases the risk of yeast infections, as they are commonly very high in sugar.
  3. Movement and positioning afterwards affects whether you get pregnant
    • The myths are that if you stand up or do star jumps after sex this would make it more difficult for the sperm to swim towards the egg. Or on the other hand, lying with your bum in the air would give the sperm cells the assistance of gravity to help with the journey towards the egg. These are both factually untrue, as gravity has little to no effect on sperm cells either positive or negative.
  4. Need to have sex every day
    • Having sex every day of the month, in fact decrease the chance of getting pregnant, as the sperm count and therefore concentration drops, therefore meaning the chance of getting pregnant are reduced.
    • It is much more effective if you have sex regularly during the period of the females high fertility, as this is obviously the time when women are most likely to conceive
  5. Ovulate 14 days after period
    • A study found that only 30% of females are most fertile at this time after their period. While this is a good general guide, it is much more effective to establish exactly when women are most fertile by using a fertility test kit.
  6. Can’t get pregnant while on your period
    • This follows on from the previous myth, as the date of ovulation is not a definite date in relation to your period, so it is possible to be ovulating while on your period, so is therefore possible to get pregnant at this time.
  7. You won’t get pregnant the first time
    • Again like with myth 6, if you are at a time of high fertility when you have sex, then there is always a chance that you may get pregnant, unless contraception is used.
  8. Withdrawal Method
    • This doesn’t work, as male produces a pre-ejaculate to assist with lubrication, which contains sperm cells, so has the same potential to fertilise the egg, so even if ejaculation doesn’t occur internally there is a chance of getting pregnant
  9. All lubes work the same
    • Lubes are designed to, as the name suggest, lubricate the movement of the penis inside the vagina, however, most are a very thick substance, which makes the movement of the sperm cells very difficult, like us trying to run in quick sand. However, as mentioned in our previous blog, there are some lubes that are designed to assist with conception
  10. You can use cling film or crisp packets instead of a condom…
    • I thought I’d finish with a comical one, but as a friend got pregnant while using cling film, it shows people do believe it.
    • Contraceptives have been designed specifically to virtually eliminate the chance of getting pregnant, such as condoms are designed to fit around the penis and trap the semen after ejaculation. Crisp packets and cling film, are both designed to keep food fresh, not retain fluid.
    • Added to this can’t imagine using crisp packet is particularly comfortable or hygienic

So here are some rumours that are currently flying round the internet. Hope I have dispelled them. Thanks for reading and hopefully its put a smile on your face 🙂 as I have enjoyed reading up about them on various other sites.


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  2. lee anne
    Nov 02, 2014 @ 19:15:26

    Hoping to fall pregnant soon and if it was not for this website it would be impossible for me to know what I have to do and plan to fall pregnant me and my partner are so happy we found this website and thanx u for helping us were we needed it Xxxx.


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