Should it really be this difficult???

We always new that getting pregnant for us was not going to be easy, however, when you look at some people become parents it does make you question things.

We are following the advice, that we are suggesting. Yet still no luck, albeit probably due to the depo injection. But as a couple who are deeply in love, and ready to share it with any child that we conceive.

Then you look at people on Jeremy Kyle and people we all know, who are in dysfunctional relationship and have children to improve the relationship! Its like having children will put a strain on everyday life, so if there are any cracks in the foundations upon which the relationship is based on, these will only magnify and cause a bigger problem.

On top of this there are people who eat junk food, smoke, drink and even do drugs, at yet still manage to get pregnant. Yet we and friends of a similar mindset, eat healthy and avoid smoking and drinking, yet have no luck in conceiving.

I know a lot of our problems are due to the depo, however, I feel there will still be problems, even when it has left my system. So how can it be fair that couples who are willing and capable of being great parents are unable to get pregnant, while people who regret getting pregnant, or have children for the wrong reasons can have a football team of children?


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