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I have read some people can ovulate when they are on their period is this not going to cause problems of its own with getting pregnant? As the idea of doing it while I am on my period isn’t something I would want to do, as it would be rather messy and not very enjoyable. Personally I would be worrying about making the sheets dirty with blood and getting blood on my other half…….Unless it was in the shower/bath and even then I don’t find it comfortable doing it while on… Maybe that’s just me?

So what are the signs of ovulation? What should we keep an eye out for?

I would most of all like to know if I am ovulation after having the depo injection as this would show I am slowly getting back to normal and my chances of getting pregnant are higher than they were a few months ago… So the signs I’ve been told to look out for are:

  • Changes in cervical mucus: You are most fertile when your mucus becomes clear, slippery and stretchy. It’s a bit like raw egg white. This fertile mucus speeds the sperm on its way up through your uterus. It protects the sperm as it travels towards your fallopian tubes to meet your egg.
  • Breast Tenderness: Some women experience tenderness in their breasts just before or after ovulation.
  • An ache in your belly: Some women can get a feeling that something is happening in their ovaries around ovulation.  If you notice these sensations at roughly the same time each month
  • Feeling sexy – Feeling sexy, flirty and more of a sexual desire.
  • Looking and feeling great: you’re likely to feel more physically attractive as you near ovulation.

I have also been told its good to keep a record of when you start your period as over time you can work out when you’re likely to be ovulating as it usually happens 10-16 days before the start of your next period.


I have been keeping a record of when I am bleeding. but as I am not yet regular it is not helping with working out when I am ovulating. I use an app called My Days which I have talked about before.


I do notice when I get a change in my cervical mucus, as I’ve said above, it does look/feel a lot like raw egg white and as is rather gooey. (Sounds rather horrible I know…)

I also at times my breasts can get rather tender but this has only been on a few occasions, But have at times put this down to my partner being a little rough…..

So how can you test for Ovulation?

We have been looking into getting a Ovulation Prediction kit, But as there are so many on the market we are unsure which is best? Some we have found are:

The reason we would like to buy a ovulation Prediction kit would be to give us piece of mind that I am ovulating and we do have a chance of getting pregnant. But as they are so expensive would it be better to wait until I’m a year free of the depo injection???


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