Why should I pay for Sanitary Towels???

I have always had this grumble, why should us females have to pay for sanitary towels/tampons whatever you use. However, my feeling of irritation have grown since coming off the depo, as I am now bleeding for 90% of each month, so am going through about 5 or more packs a month. Which had been very expensive, as each pack is about £3 each. However, I have recently discovered that Poundland sells exactly the same thing, but for a not suprising £1 price tag.

Yes I know that I chose to have the depo, and one of the side effects is irregular periods. Whether its me misunderstanding but that suggest periods may not be monthly, either not happening or be several times a month, but to be bleeding for all but a week of the month, is a little bit more than irregular periods. So should the company that produce the depo injection not foot the bill, or should they be available on the nhs like condoms are?

I do understand that this is to encourage safe sex, and reduce the transmission of STDs, but ultimately it is for something fun. Periods are anything but, and are in no way through choice, so why should females have to pay for these when men get things to make having fun safe for free?

Or should Always decrease their prices? Or are they in colusion with the depo people and share the profits…

ps I am currently on again, hence me writing this current grumble. lol 🙂


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