Am I pregant after 6months after the depo shot? Wishful Thinking???

If I am it would be rather funny, as just after when we decided to come off the depo, my partner said, it will be September when I would get pregnant. Something we only remembered he had said the other day. So we will soon find out if he is psychic.

Well its been about just over 2 weeks now since I had some bleeding, which as I’ve said before on another blog (If I went back in time would I have the Depo again), I can bleed anything from one day to a month without any break.

Since just over 2 weeks ago I stopped bleeding (which this time was only for 3days) we have been having regular sex to try and improve the chances of getting pregnant.

So what makes me think am I pregnant? Well my nipples are sore, I feel pretty sick, am very tired and also had an increased need to urinate  I have looked on a few websites including NHS Symptoms of Pregnancy and Emma’s Diary. One thing I noticed straight away after doing some research was these symptoms could be associated with other conditions as well so cant say they are 100% meaning I’m pregnant (oh how we would love it to mean we were). Most of the symptoms I have are way to early for being 2/3 weeks pregnant. But there is always a possibility.

I suppose its best to wait another month before buying a test, mainly as they aren’t cheap and I worry about getting mine and my partners hopes up. Another bad thing about the depo shot is I’m unsure if I have missed my period unlike before I could pretty much say 90% of the time when I was due to start but now its really hit and miss….

I have always thought and said it would take years to get pregnant and I really will be shocked when the time comes when we get pregnant and the moment I am trying to put it at the back of my mind that we are trying to get pregnant and remember the main thing is to have fun.


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  1. Rocky Elkins
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 14:47:01

    thats pretty cool


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