What vitamins should I be taking????

Tonight I’ve been wondering what vitamins should I be taking when trying for a baby. My doctor told me when I came off the depo shot, 8 months ago, that I should be taking folic acid (400mg a day) which I have been doing, it’s not expensive to buy, I picked mine up from my local asda store for a few pounds, I’m sure other shops sell folic acid, with a cheap price tag.

You can also get folic acid from your diet, such as in leafy vegetables, breakfast cereals and bread it’s always best to check the food labels. It is though impossible to make sure you are getting enough folic acid from the food you eat (only way to make sure is to take a supplement)

Why is folic acid good to take?

It can reduce the risk of having a baby with a spinal cord problem, such as spina bifida. This is because a baby’s spinal cord needs a regular supply of folic acid, during early pregnancy. Evidence also shows that folic acid reduces the risk of a baby having heart defects, cleft lip and palate and the risk of premature labour.

After looking online today, I have pretty much gone around in a circle and ended up more confused than I was when I started looking.

From what I have seen online it varies a lot from what people say, there isn’t a clear yes and no as to what to take apart from the folic acid, that seems a must to take at least 3 months before conceiving and keep taking until you are 12 weeks pregnant.

Something I found interesting, is you shouldn’t take vitamin A supplement or any supplement containing vitamin a, due to a risk of harming the baby (birth defects)

Other vitamins people say to take before pregnancy.

Zinc: as this can help with ovulation and fertility in women and also seman and testosterone in men

Coenzyme Q10: there have been studies to show this can help with both female and male fertility.

Omega 3: particularly if you are having IVF. Human body can’t produce it, so need to get from foods, such as fish, plan and nut oils. It is meant help to improve embryo quality.

Iron: pregnant women need 27mg daily, which is more than normal female RDA. Iron is involved in the production of haemoglobin, which is vital for carrying oxygen around the body, and hence will help with the development of the embryo.

Calcium: as all the adverts tell us we need calcium for healthy teeth and bones, therefore it should not be a surprise that the growing foetus also requires it. Meaning that pregnant/and planning women need to raise their intake to allow for this.

Vitamin B6: meant to help prevent morning sickness if taken pre-conception.

You can buy packs of vitamins such as
Vitabotics Pregnacare Conception, Vitabotics Pregnacare Plus and Vitabotics Pregnacare His and Hers they have some of the vitamins in that I have said above. This sounds like a easier way of taking, than taking lots of different supplements.

I am happy to give anything a go, if it means the outcome is to be a baby. I believe that the placebo effect can really work when it comes to pregnancy. So if you think these extra vitamins can work, then maybe they will!

Please feel free to comment if you have any experience in supplements or aids to getting pregnant.


Late again!!!

Well today marks with 4th day I am late for my period. My periods have been getting back to normal over the last 2/3 month. I wont allow my self to think what if….. am I pregnant, as I’ve been there before and got the t-shirt. This got me thinking about the good and the bad about being late or missing a period.

On one hand it can be a great thing to miss a period when your trying for a baby, but on the other hand it can bring such disappointment when you turn out just to be a few days out of sync with your regular cycle.

I’m sure a few friends would agree with this statement (although its not something which has happened to me personally) after having a one night stand or unprotected sex with your partner (because it feels better than using condoms) and then being a few days day late can be a real worrying time and unlike when a couple are trying for a baby, it can be a relief to start a period. As I’ve said in another blog about a friend who bought a pregnancy test and was saying how she would get rid of “it” if she was pregnant.

I very much doubt I’m pregnant by the fact, I’ve been getting a lot of period pain, such as back ache and tummy cramps and the usual headaches that go with this time of the month. But you do never know…

Embarrassment! Is it normal? And sex is it a chain reaction?

This blog is a little off topic of getting pregnant.

Last night I was getting ready for bed and could clearly hear my next door neighbour having “fun”. I was rather shocked at how loud the “ooooooh” and “arrrrrahhhhs” and “oh wows….” were. Well I know it’s childish of a 20something to find such a thing embarrassing. But this was about 11pm and in the end was finding it rather hard not to laugh (okay I admit it I did have a good giggle).

My partner, while he finds it funny, doesn’t seem as embarrassed. This is also the case after we have done it. If I think anyone has heard then I am mortified, but he doesn’t seem bothered. Saying it would be weirder at our age if we weren’t doing it. So which is the more natural reaction?

I am obviously having a pensive moment, as this has also got me thinking does sex have a chain reaction like yawning (admit it you have all yawned now you read the word). As in whenever me and my partner have done it, and they have been home and heard it, they nearly always without fail have sex that night!

Is it one of those things where you hear it and therefore want it?

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