Embarrassment! Is it normal? And sex is it a chain reaction?

This blog is a little off topic of getting pregnant.

Last night I was getting ready for bed and could clearly hear my next door neighbour having “fun”. I was rather shocked at how loud the “ooooooh” and “arrrrrahhhhs” and “oh wows….” were. Well I know it’s childish of a 20something to find such a thing embarrassing. But this was about 11pm and in the end was finding it rather hard not to laugh (okay I admit it I did have a good giggle).

My partner, while he finds it funny, doesn’t seem as embarrassed. This is also the case after we have done it. If I think anyone has heard then I am mortified, but he doesn’t seem bothered. Saying it would be weirder at our age if we weren’t doing it. So which is the more natural reaction?

I am obviously having a pensive moment, as this has also got me thinking does sex have a chain reaction like yawning (admit it you have all yawned now you read the word). As in whenever me and my partner have done it, and they have been home and heard it, they nearly always without fail have sex that night!

Is it one of those things where you hear it and therefore want it?


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