Stop Asking…its putting us off!

I have been doing something thinking lately, which my other half would say is dangerous.  How much does stress and pressure have to do with getting pregnant?

Well we have been together two years now and been living together for a year and a half. People have started to ask questions to my partner about him popping the question and to us about having a family. Mainly as we have a house and we are currently looking at moving near to where my partner works (to save petrol and car costs) and would hope to get a bigger place than we have now.

Apart from the popping the question which people are asking, which I have said about before we aren’t in any rush, as can’t see how it would change the way we live as we are not very religious.

Only we know we are currently trying as we don’t feel its something we want others to know, until its happened, well apart from the millions of you reading this.

How much does this peer expectation play a part in the stress when trying for a baby?

I know stress can play a part in getting pregnant as it can affect the part of your brain (the hypothalamus) that regulates your hormones. The hypothalamus is the gland in the brain that controls the hormones required to release your eggs. This gland also regulates your partner’s testosterone levels. So from that alone it would seem that the effect can be huge.

So obviously we need to relax and not let their probing put us under any pressure. As we have said before, we obviously want children, or what is the point in trying, but due to the potential difficulties we decided that it was best to start sooner rather than later. So we are in no rush, but even so, after every period that starts, there is the sense of failure that we haven’t conceived yet again. But enough of that doom and gloom attitude, we will stay positive, as many friends have said it has taken 6 months to conceive and there was no fertility problems in either partner. So its been just over 9 months since I finished the Depo, but it can take 6 months even if I hadn’t had it. So only if we are told that we will find it difficult to conceive will we truly start to worry.

But fingers crossed we won’t get that far.

Thanks for reading


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Homer Jomes
    Dec 16, 2012 @ 23:39:03

    I didnt look for this, but I enjoyed this, found it inspiring! Keep up the likable work!


    • coupletryingtogetpregnant
      Jan 03, 2013 @ 22:38:48

      Thank you. Positive feedback like this makes the blog much more rewarding to write, as we didn’t think that anybody would be interested.

      Just posted another blog about what we hope to happen this year, so enjoy and feel free to comment again.


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