How much does a good diet play in getting pregnant.

We have touched on this subject before in other blogs, but in this one I want to look into how much diet can come into getting pregnant.

I have just done a BMI calculator and rather shocked my self. This was because after I filled out all of the details (height,weight and age) and then pressed get results, It came back that I was obese. This was rather shocking as it’s something I wouldn’t have said my self I was. I then went back and checked the details, to find I had in fact put I was 15.5 stone rather than 12.5. I then corrected the details and pressed get results again, which not to my surprise came back I was over weight, this wasn’t as shocking as when it came back I was obese, as I’m about a 14-16 (UK).

Money the last few months for us as been slightly tight. This is mainly down to my partner having to drive 60 miles (5 days a week) just to get to work using approx £250 a month on fuel. We also fit into what can only be called a loop hole of not being able to claim any benefits this is down to him working full time, although I could live with family (mum and dad) who both work and still able to claim JSA. This is a rant which I won’t start on here. I have been looking for work for some months now, and this has put my self under a lot of stress and heart ache with getting told you haven’t been successful.

As a result out diet in the last few months has been very poor when it comes to eating fresh and local meat. Although we have been very lucky, and my other half’s mother has at times, given us a couple of bags of food, to fill the cupboards back up again)

So whats changed?

We now buy a half of our weekly shop from a food shop called Iceland  I will be totally honest, before money was tight I was a massive snob when it came to buying food from such a place, as it was “cheap” and “frozen” . One thing I will say about the things we have been buying from Iceland have been fantastic and value for money, such as a really nice easy carve three bird roast, some of there Chinese food is also nice but doesn’t have much in that’s “good for you” but then again does any chinese food when you have it from a take away?

One thing I have noticed about buying cheaper food is:

1) Doesnt keep you full for very long, so you end up eating snacks or feeling hungry

2) Hasn’t got the nutrition you get from buying fresh. I have noticed things like frozen chicken breasts, that it has a hell of a lot of things added to it and stupid amount of water!! They also add lots of salt.

3) The price of buying fresh and frozen is quite a big difference, with frozen being much cheaper.

4) Things like crisps (own brand) are far from anything like Walkers, but this does show when you can get a packet of 12 crisps for like 79p (Tesco, Value) We personally don’t cut corners when it comes to crisps as my partner ends up having 2 packets of the value range, as the amount you get in a packet is a lot smaller.

Thats just a few things we have noticed when it comes to buying cheap. But when money is tight, you still need to eat and can only buy what you can afford.

We also buy fruit and veg when we can from the local market, although we have found that things don’t last as long and in a result at times has cost us more money, than if we bought from a super market, which is annoying when you want to save money but also support the local people/companies.

Some people say that when they eat badly, they feel tired and lack energy. Well this would be nothing new for me, as I’m always tired, so I feel that I cant have an opinion on this, but I can say its not made me feel even more tired. Which surely is something? However think since eating like we have been, that I have put on some weight. But again this could be down to me not working and not being on my feet as much, just walking the dog.

I have been taken my vitamins as I’m unsure I haven’t been getting enough of them though my diet. 

So are any or all of these having an effect on us getting pregnant? As obviously we aren’t pregnant yet, but that could be down to any reason; stress, diet, tiredness or just that the depo injection is still having some effect on my body?

I am still applying for jobs, and my other half is trying to get a job closer to home, so that should sort out both stress and financial problems. As such we should be able to get more fresh food, so therefore helping our diet. Which in theory should help my energy levels.

So then it comes down to whether my body is capable of carrying a baby, I obviously hope that we will be able to get pregnant, but it is a concern that we both worry about. But as the Baz Luhman Sunscreen song says, worrying solves nothing.

So we will remain positive, as we have no definite evidence to say either of us has low fertility, so have to relax and take it easy.


Eye of the Storm

We have been very lucky recently and had lots of programs and films that we have been able to talk about on our blog. However, I want to bring it back down to the more personal level, that we started the blog with and has got us so many followers.

So as you probably guessed by my last post, I am currently on my period. Anyway, since my periods have returned to normal after having the depo-provera injection, I have had regular periods, but they are unusual in the way they happen. It is like the title describes, starts off really heavy, then in the middle nearly stops, and then gets heavy again before stopping. I am not concerned as they last the same length as my periods used to before the depo, but it is weird.

Does anyone else experience periods like this? Has it always been like that or after coming off a form of contraception?

Head aches!

I’m feeling very sorry for my self today. I’ve had a headache all day, which feels that in any minute it will turn into a migraine  something which as I’m sure most of you will know, are pretty horrible. Why is it people always ask the one question which winds me right up “have you had enough to drink”  I don’t drink tea/coffee and only have the occasional hot chocolate, and we don’t keep fizzy drinks in the house as we would tend to drink them, as nice as they are, its not something we “need”

I do get a lot of headaches, but I am not doing something I did when I had s run of mouth ulcers, look up my symptoms online, Oh my it was scary the things that it could have been, main website said “AIDS” Well I knew for a fact I didn’t have aids, but it still made me worry, to the point I went to the Doctors who I’m sure thought it was funny, but did well not to laugh!!

Well I am now dosed up on co-codamol and am glad to report that it is easing now.

Thanks for reading


Thank You

We as a couple want to thank all the people who follow our blog, through wordpress or twitter. A blog that we started as a way to try and answer our questions regarding trying to get pregnant after having the depo provera injection, has recently seemed to get a lot bigger.

We are now lucky enough to be in communication with a leading fertility department in England, who are happy to answer questions regarding fertility and IVF on twitter (@HewittFertility). We have also been asked to feature on another persons website, giving a short summary of our journey trying to get pregnant.

These are only small achievements, but for something that we expected to have a few views a month, it has made us feel very proud and honoured. We can only hope that it continues to grow in such a way.

Our long term view is to buy our own domain name, so would like some feedback on what name people think would be most suitable:



Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to keep writing blogs that are both informative and interesting. If you have any topics that you wish us to cover, please comment and we will research it and blog our findings.

’16 Kids and Counting’ Review of the Program

This was on Channel 4 a few nights ago. It covered the Radford family, who are the largest family living under one roof in the UK. It was about their ever increasing family. Mum has 15 children and is expecting her 16th, and her eldest daughter is expecting her first child. Here is a link to the program: 16 Kids and Counting.

It was for us, and I am sure many others, a very frustrating program. The frustration comes from two sources. Firstly I am 90% sure that me and my partner are going to have difficulties getting pregnant,as we have been trying to conceive for nearly year, although that may be some what down to the depo-provera injection. So for people to find it so easy, and almost take advantage of the fact. How can they honestly say that the 16th time was as special as the first one or two???? Also they virtually admitted the fact that they don’t get the chance to spend quality time with each child individually, but yet say they want all their children to know that they are wanted and loved. Yet due to the parents obsession, I think any more than 6 children (excluding multiple births) can be called an obsession, they miss a child’s birthday because mum is waiting to be induced. The boy said that it wasn’t their fault, but you could tell inside he was heartbroken, like any child would be.

Secondly, is the money, they were saying that money was tight, yet spent £1000+ on passports, £200 on holiday clothes plus the cost of the holiday and travel for 19 people. That is over 2 months income for us, and that’s without taking out mortgage and bills, etc. Yes they have a family run business, but can’t see that being that profitable, so they must be claiming a great deal of benefits.

I hope that we as a couple are able to have children, but I know for a fact that if we can’t I don’t want to be paying for people to be having massive families, when we are unable to conceive. It is almost rubbing it in our faces.

I know that this blog may seem like it is very negative and against larger families, but there seems to be obstacles in the way of couples who are having difficulties conceiving, yet nothing to discourage families from having a small army of children. Maybe some of the money helping to fund these families should be spent on supporting those who can’t have children, such as making IVF available to everyone who can’t have children, decreasing the currently narrow criteria.

I apologise to anyone who is offended by anything said in this blog, just expressing an opinion, which is not done out of spite, purely to spread our views to those who follow our blog.

BBC 4 Documentary ‘Baby Makers: The Fertility Clinic’ Review

This was a really interesting documentary, especially as we are a couple who predict problems with getting pregnant. It covered a fertility clinic in Liverpool, and their attempts to help 4 couples fertilise an egg and ultimately get them pregnant.

Here is a link to the program on Iplayer, it will be available till tomorrow (17/1/13) and is also available on Youtube: Baby Makers: The Fertility Clinic.

The clinic say that for couples under 35 years of age, they have a success rate of approximately 30%. Something which turns out to be accurate with the four couples they show.

The documentary covers every step of the journey of IVF;

  1.  Pre-treatment screening and advice to increase the chance of the treatment working
  2. Obtaining the sperm and egg
  3. Cleaning and maturing the samples for selection of the most suitable cells
  4. The actual fertilisation of the egg, be it by direct fertilisation, where the sperm is chosen, or putting both sets of cells in the same dish and allowing natural selection to take effect.
  5. The incubation and monitoring of the fertilised egg, to see which one should be used for the IVF
  6. Finally the actual attaching of the fetilised egg onto the wall of the uterus
  7. At the end of the program it goes to each couple and shows whether the treatment has been successful.

Near the beginning of the show they stated that in the UK, you are allowed as a couple 2 free attempts to get pregnant using IVF as logn as you fit certain criteria, anymore after that and you are required to go private and will therefore have to fund it yourself. While watching, we were discussing that obviously we hope that we won’t need to go down the route of IVF, but if we do, will we be able to give up after 2 attempts? As how do you know when there is a significant chance and when are you fighting a losing battle? This was emphasised by the couples on the show, only 1 out of the 4 were successful. Of the other 3, 2 had another course of treatment, one was unsuccessful and the other had an ectopic pregnancy. The final couple, were left not knowing whether to try again or not.

The person in charge of the unit, Professor Charles Kingston, had some useful advice, how did the cave man reproduce so successfully? Quick and high pressure (the risk of being eaten by animals), so why not replicate the situation, by having sex at your partners parents, but only tell him when you are there and that you are commando! Apparently this will mean his sperm count will be as high as possible! Found this a bit weird but if it works then why not. Although his logic does seem to make sense.

This was a very interesting program, which certainly got us talking about what we would do, should getting pregnant not be as simple as we hope. But it is comforting to see the efforts that go into helping such couples by the doctors, nurses and scientists involved. Hopefully our local centre will be as helpful and have such friendly staff as those at the Hewitt Fertility Centre.

I will leave you with one final question from the show, after sex….”why does the sperm all dribble out?”

Movie Review: What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Spoiler Warning)

I know that this seems like a very weird topic for us to be covering on this blog, but we watched it together last night, and were really impressed with how it covered pregnancy and anything related in a really good way.

Here is a link to the trailer for those who haven’t seen it:

What to Expect When You’re Execting Trailer

It is a story about 5 different couples, each are connected in some way, and each has a slightly different connection to the main theme of the film pregnancy and children.

  1. The couple played by Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro, she is unable to conceive a child, so they are adopting a child from Uganda
  2. A celebrity couple played by Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison (better known as Mr Schuster in Glee) were sleeping together while being a dancing couple on a celebrity dance show, and she falls pregnant.
  3. A long term couple who have been trying for years, played by Elizabeth Banks and Ben Falcone, have been trying everything from special diets to apps on her phone, to try and get pregnant and finally it works. ( a bit like us)
  4. Then there is Dennis Quaid (Ben’s characters father) and his gold digging wife played by Brooklyn Decker, who happen to fall pregnant at the same time as his son.
  5. The final two aren’t really a couple at first, but a young pair who go for a drink after a bet, and end up having one too many, which results in her getting pregnant.

There are more big actors like Chris Rock, who are part of a group of fathers who take their children out each weekend, and feel free from the criticism and judging that they get from their wives.

The story does not go as simply as you may think, each couple has complex yet interlinking stories. That involve miscarriage and the problems in a relationship that it causes, the feelings of failure by a lady who can’t conceive and then loses her job, a lady whose life and career has been focused on how amazing pregnancy and “the glow” are, yet to discover that being pregnant while an amazing experience, is not all sweetness and light. Made especially jealous as her husband’s stepmother has a very easy and straight forward pregnancy, and stays looking really thin. As well as having a simple labour, where a baby is born because she sneezes.  It also highlights the different views of men and women, from different backgrounds, going into having a child, and how this can cause problems.

What we liked was the way that every angle was covered. It was not a simple case of people sleep together, they get pregnant, they have a child. It showed the world that may not realise, that there are couples that can’t easily get pregnant where as others it can happen after having sex once. It also covered how not every pregnancy will go to full term, people do have miscarriages/still birth/etc. As well as the way some couples need to chose to adopt, as they are unable to conceive personally.

In summary it was a nice feel good film, which covers both the good and the bad aspects of pregnancy, yet not make you feel depressed when you finish watching it.

I am quite interested in getting the book from the library, to see if like many other books become films, the books are much better than the movie counterpart.

Enjoy the film and I will let you know what the book is like once I have read it.

One Born Every Minute

We like a lot of people love this show on channel 4. We are currently waiting for the new episode to start (series 4 episode 2) only 30 mins to go!!!!

Anyways this has got us thinking about how we will cope and what the labor to go, it even scares me to think about it even though I’m not currently pregnant.

So whats really freaking me out about the whole thing?

1) The pain! Which I think is the main thing a lot of people worry about, as being a first timer having no idea how bad it really is, slightly scary! I will be the first to admit it I’m a massive wimp especially when it comes to hitting your little toe/foot on the end of the bed/furniture.

2) Is a weird one, I do worry about how my other half will be on the day. As much as I love him, he can be really annoying and tries to wind me up. After watching an old One Born Every Min where the husband/boyfriend is eating fish and chips in the room the lady was currently in labour really made me think about this. My partner is diabetic so would need to eat, and as much as I could cope with fish and chips I’m unsure how I would if I was in pain… Lets hope he reads this and remembers to take some sandwiches instead of hot food.

3) Irritating midwife… watching OBEM, there are some midwives who are lovely and would be the perfect person to guides us through that stressful experience. However, there are some on the show, who irritate the hell out of me while watching, let alone if I was in the pain of labour!

4) What if something goes wrong…either during pregnancy or labour, as a friend baby recently died shortly after birth due to problems with brain activity.

5) Last week there was a couple that had to keep coming into hospital, just to be sent home again and again, this would be one of my worst fears, as would feel like everybody’s time would be wasted.

Some things we have already talked about as a couple, are things we really want to happen when I am in labour.

  •  we want to make sure that we are together, as I hate hospitals, so if he is sent home, I will be going with him. And hence if I need to stay overnight, so will he. To prove this point, I left hospital within an hour and half of having all 4 wisdom teeth out (under local anaesthetic)
  • As I am so bad with pain, I will be making use of as much pain relief as possible…Hello Epidural!!!
  • we plan on only us to being there at the birth, mainly as its something special for us as a couple, and also I’m sure my mother would wind me up and make the whole thing 20x worst.

As we aren’t talking to friends and family about getting pregnant and that, can’t really ask them if these are normal fears and concerns. And are they unreasonable demands???

Please feel free to let us know if other people have felt the same as we do, and the things that you have been put on your birthing plan.

Boosting your fertility…Tips to help you along the way!

The first and most obvious tip is to be as healthy as possible when trying to get pregnant. This includes a range of topics:

Alcohol, smoking and drugs- all decrease your fertility

Eating- Healthy eating helps you body prepare to get pregnant, purely by making it run as efficiently as possible. This can be supplemented by vitamins, especially Folic Acid, which is a crucial vitamin regarding pregnancy. For more details see our previous blogs ‘What foods will help us get pregnant’ and ‘What Vitamins should I be taking’.

Sleep- Likewise if your body doesn’t have enough sleep, it won’t be able to repair itself properly. So make sure you are not tired, and this can help improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Weight- Your weight can play an important part in getting pregnant, and that means both being over and under weight, as both can affect your fertility, as females with BMI within the ‘normal’ range are shown to have a greater chance of being able to conceive. With exercise proven to help control weight, as well as flooding the body with oxygen and lowering stress levels.

Stress- Couples who are experiencing high levels of stress, due to whatever reason, be it work or family problems, or even not getting pregnant, are shown to have a lower chance of getting pregnant. As our body reacts to stress in a fight or flight reaction, both of which direct blood away from our genital areas, as such fertility will be decreased, and therefore having a baby is made a lot more difficult. So the advice, relax and put things in persepective.

The last bit of advice is regarding sex itself. As we have previously mentioned in other blogs, sperm can live for 3-5 days, so it is important to have sex in the lead up to ovulation, as after ovulation the egg is no longer able to be fertilised. So therefore it is recommended that couples use ovulation tests to help them plan when you will be ovulating (as working off a calendar system can be problematic), so can make sure intercourse occurs in the lead up to it. However, sex must remain fun, as if it is only a case of having sex for the sake of becoming pregnant, it may become like a chore or even a job, which you will start to resent and possibly cause relationship problems. So general advice online is have sex approximately 3 times a week, and make it fun, have a romantic evening, or try new things in the bedroom, to keep you both entertained, while making sure it doesn’t become stressful and lose the fun.

Most couples normally get pregnant after a year of trying (once all contraceptives and the like are out of their system), so if you have been trying for over a year and still had no luck, it may be time to go and see your doctor, who can advise what may be causing the problem and help direct you to relevant help or treatment.

Thanks for reading

YAY! Nearly 1 year since the depo ran out!!!

Nearly time to start officially trying for a baby as I had my one and only depo injection in December 2011, so that means that in Febuary 2013 I will be officially free? Well that is in theory as for some people it can take longer. I am having regular periods and showing signs of ovulation.

I have now started to take Conception Support Tablets (Boots own brand) which are meant to provide the vitamins and minerals which help promote the chances of getting pregnant. Not sure if they work, but thought I’d try what I can to help our chances.

So hopefully we will be blogging in the not too distant future that we are pregnant…. but we will see.

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