’16 Kids and Counting’ Review of the Program

This was on Channel 4 a few nights ago. It covered the Radford family, who are the largest family living under one roof in the UK. It was about their ever increasing family. Mum has 15 children and is expecting her 16th, and her eldest daughter is expecting her first child. Here is a link to the program: 16 Kids and Counting.

It was for us, and I am sure many others, a very frustrating program. The frustration comes from two sources. Firstly I am 90% sure that me and my partner are going to have difficulties getting pregnant,as we have been trying to conceive for nearly year, although that may be some what down to the depo-provera injection. So for people to find it so easy, and almost take advantage of the fact. How can they honestly say that the 16th time was as special as the first one or two???? Also they virtually admitted the fact that they don’t get the chance to spend quality time with each child individually, but yet say they want all their children to know that they are wanted and loved. Yet due to the parents obsession, I think any more than 6 children (excluding multiple births) can be called an obsession, they miss a child’s birthday because mum is waiting to be induced. The boy said that it wasn’t their fault, but you could tell inside he was heartbroken, like any child would be.

Secondly, is the money, they were saying that money was tight, yet spent £1000+ on passports, £200 on holiday clothes plus the cost of the holiday and travel for 19 people. That is over 2 months income for us, and that’s without taking out mortgage and bills, etc. Yes they have a family run business, but can’t see that being that profitable, so they must be claiming a great deal of benefits.

I hope that we as a couple are able to have children, but I know for a fact that if we can’t I don’t want to be paying for people to be having massive families, when we are unable to conceive. It is almost rubbing it in our faces.

I know that this blog may seem like it is very negative and against larger families, but there seems to be obstacles in the way of couples who are having difficulties conceiving, yet nothing to discourage families from having a small army of children. Maybe some of the money helping to fund these families should be spent on supporting those who can’t have children, such as making IVF available to everyone who can’t have children, decreasing the currently narrow criteria.

I apologise to anyone who is offended by anything said in this blog, just expressing an opinion, which is not done out of spite, purely to spread our views to those who follow our blog.


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  1. birminghambell
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 22:01:15

    We have a show like that in the states! It’s 19 kids and counting here…it’s frustrating as someone who doesn’t even have fertility issues to watch! The lady gets pregnant with her 20th child, after her 19th child had a terrible first year with all sorts of health issues from being born super early. I was so mad that she would be willing to put another baby through all of that. She ended up losing the 20th baby at like 4 months, that’s sad but I hope she takes it as a sign that she is maxed out on babies and birthing over 40 years old is just too much for her now! UGH


    • coupletryingtogetpregnant
      Jan 18, 2013 @ 22:59:10

      I am glad that we have had some positive feedback from this blog. It was one that we thought might cause some split opinion, but like you we felt so strongly about it, that it seemed like a perfect thing to blog about. Good to see a returning reader, must be doing something right?


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