Head aches!

I’m feeling very sorry for my self today. I’ve had a headache all day, which feels that in any minute it will turn into a migraine  something which as I’m sure most of you will know, are pretty horrible. Why is it people always ask the one question which winds me right up “have you had enough to drink”  I don’t drink tea/coffee and only have the occasional hot chocolate, and we don’t keep fizzy drinks in the house as we would tend to drink them, as nice as they are, its not something we “need”

I do get a lot of headaches, but I am not doing something I did when I had s run of mouth ulcers, look up my symptoms online, Oh my it was scary the things that it could have been, main website said “AIDS” Well I knew for a fact I didn’t have aids, but it still made me worry, to the point I went to the Doctors who I’m sure thought it was funny, but did well not to laugh!!

Well I am now dosed up on co-codamol and am glad to report that it is easing now.

Thanks for reading



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