How much does a good diet play in getting pregnant.

We have touched on this subject before in other blogs, but in this one I want to look into how much diet can come into getting pregnant.

I have just done a BMI calculator and rather shocked my self. This was because after I filled out all of the details (height,weight and age) and then pressed get results, It came back that I was obese. This was rather shocking as it’s something I wouldn’t have said my self I was. I then went back and checked the details, to find I had in fact put I was 15.5 stone rather than 12.5. I then corrected the details and pressed get results again, which not to my surprise came back I was over weight, this wasn’t as shocking as when it came back I was obese, as I’m about a 14-16 (UK).

Money the last few months for us as been slightly tight. This is mainly down to my partner having to drive 60 miles (5 days a week) just to get to work using approx £250 a month on fuel. We also fit into what can only be called a loop hole of not being able to claim any benefits this is down to him working full time, although I could live with family (mum and dad) who both work and still able to claim JSA. This is a rant which I won’t start on here. I have been looking for work for some months now, and this has put my self under a lot of stress and heart ache with getting told you haven’t been successful.

As a result out diet in the last few months has been very poor when it comes to eating fresh and local meat. Although we have been very lucky, and my other half’s mother has at times, given us a couple of bags of food, to fill the cupboards back up again)

So whats changed?

We now buy a half of our weekly shop from a food shop called Iceland  I will be totally honest, before money was tight I was a massive snob when it came to buying food from such a place, as it was “cheap” and “frozen” . One thing I will say about the things we have been buying from Iceland have been fantastic and value for money, such as a really nice easy carve three bird roast, some of there Chinese food is also nice but doesn’t have much in that’s “good for you” but then again does any chinese food when you have it from a take away?

One thing I have noticed about buying cheaper food is:

1) Doesnt keep you full for very long, so you end up eating snacks or feeling hungry

2) Hasn’t got the nutrition you get from buying fresh. I have noticed things like frozen chicken breasts, that it has a hell of a lot of things added to it and stupid amount of water!! They also add lots of salt.

3) The price of buying fresh and frozen is quite a big difference, with frozen being much cheaper.

4) Things like crisps (own brand) are far from anything like Walkers, but this does show when you can get a packet of 12 crisps for like 79p (Tesco, Value) We personally don’t cut corners when it comes to crisps as my partner ends up having 2 packets of the value range, as the amount you get in a packet is a lot smaller.

Thats just a few things we have noticed when it comes to buying cheap. But when money is tight, you still need to eat and can only buy what you can afford.

We also buy fruit and veg when we can from the local market, although we have found that things don’t last as long and in a result at times has cost us more money, than if we bought from a super market, which is annoying when you want to save money but also support the local people/companies.

Some people say that when they eat badly, they feel tired and lack energy. Well this would be nothing new for me, as I’m always tired, so I feel that I cant have an opinion on this, but I can say its not made me feel even more tired. Which surely is something? However think since eating like we have been, that I have put on some weight. But again this could be down to me not working and not being on my feet as much, just walking the dog.

I have been taken my vitamins as I’m unsure I haven’t been getting enough of them though my diet. 

So are any or all of these having an effect on us getting pregnant? As obviously we aren’t pregnant yet, but that could be down to any reason; stress, diet, tiredness or just that the depo injection is still having some effect on my body?

I am still applying for jobs, and my other half is trying to get a job closer to home, so that should sort out both stress and financial problems. As such we should be able to get more fresh food, so therefore helping our diet. Which in theory should help my energy levels.

So then it comes down to whether my body is capable of carrying a baby, I obviously hope that we will be able to get pregnant, but it is a concern that we both worry about. But as the Baz Luhman Sunscreen song says, worrying solves nothing.

So we will remain positive, as we have no definite evidence to say either of us has low fertility, so have to relax and take it easy.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alana at Ovuline
    Feb 02, 2013 @ 18:37:29

    Just wanted to put in my two cents. Diet alone won’t obviously get someone pregnant but maintaining a healthy diet and weight does help. Plus it does make you feel better. Wishing you the best of luck!


  2. Lesley Berardino
    Feb 08, 2013 @ 20:58:01

    Thanks for informative post. I am pleased sure this post has helped me save many hours of browsing other similar posts just to find what I was looking for. Just I want to say: Thank you!


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