YAY!!!!!!!!!! 1 Year Clear!!

While watching tv and playing on Coaster Ville (an addictive, but pointless little game on Facebook) I had a thought….. Its now official that I am now one year  clear of the Depo!!!!!!

So what does this mean? with being a year clear, well as the doctors would say (or at least have told us) is that after a year of the last depo injection you have would have left your body. As we have said in other blogs, its not clear if its a year from the date you have the injection or if its three months after the injection. I am going by a year after the 3 months (I had the first and last injection Dec 2011).

Not much will change though, with us trying to get pregnant, however, now is when we start to try for real. As the hormonal contraceptive is now out of my system, there should be no external reasons why we can’t get pregnant. In a way it is a nice feeling, however, if we are unable too get pregnant, we now can’t hide behind the ‘oh it must be because of the depo’ excuse (although saying that, some sources say that the depo can take up to 3 years to leave your system). But as we have said before, if either of us does have a fertility problem, then come this time next year we can both be tested to see what treatments are available to us.

So fingers crossed, in the next few months we can bring you the happy news that we are pregnant, so watch this space. At the very least you may get more information on fertility treatments.

Thanks for reading.


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