How to make him last longer…..

This is not as rude as it sounds, but has some logic to why it has been chosen. It has been found that if the female reaches orgasm, the chances of conceiving are increased, as the muscle contractions during orgasm, help to pull the sperm further into the vagina, thus aiding conception.

So therefore the longer the male can last, hopefully, will mean that the female will reach orgasm, and as such increase the couples chance of getting pregnant.

In researching we have found a range of ways to increase the time before he ejaculates, although many are not suitable or advisable for those trying to conceive:

  1. Male to masturbate/partner to get him to orgasm before having sex, as the second time the male will naturally last longer

Obviously this is not advisable as it will decrease his sperm count, as he can only produce a certain number of sperm cells in a given time, so if he wastes his quota of sperm via manual stimulation, fewer sperm cells will be available when trying to fertilise the females eggs.

There were some that might have be more beneficial:

  1. Breathing- apparently some men hold their breath, which causes them to tense and therefore ejaculate quicker
  2. Some positions are more sensitive for the male, this can be different for each person, so find which ones are suitable for you and avoid these.
  3. For him to focus on pleasuring her, not on how it feels for himself
  4. During both sex and foreplay, when he gets close, stop before he finishes and distract him before continuing. Some people say that if the female applies pressure to the underside of his penis, stopping the muscle, which is involved in ejaculation, from contracting, and again distracting him, will after several sessions of doing this, make him last longer overall.
  5. A commonly mentioned method is for the male to practice contracting his pubococcygeus muscle,  this he can do while he is peeing, he has to merely stop his flow for a couple of seconds then continue peeing. This should not be done during the first wee of the day, as the body gets rid of a large number of toxins, so stopping this mid flow can lead to possible urinary infections. But by strengthening this muscle will allow him to stop himself orgasming for as long as he wants.
  6. Talk, as a lot of the problem is psychological, the more he thinks that he doesn’t last long, the more he worries and the more prematurely he ejaculates. Meaning its a vicious cycle, that while frustrating, needs understanding and support from the female otherwise it will only get worse.

I hope that his helps some of our readers.

Thanks for reading and good luck trying to get pregnant


Green Tea and Fertlity

759747bI was looking on Twitter yesterday, before going to bed. I was tweeting people and having a good read of what people where saying.

I follow someone called AssistFertility, she sells Fertility Tea and like us does a blog about trying for a baby. I saw that she was adverting Fertility Tea that she sold, I had not heard of this before and being such a stranger to it. I soon looked on her website. I was rather excited by the idea of trying something new and seeing if it could work for us. I soon showed my partner the website and was very tempted to buy the tea, last night. Lucky he noticed that it included nettles. I am badly allergic to nettles, so can’t take the risk even if its only a tiny amount they put into the tea bags.

So today, when I have had the chance as my partner has been using the laptop. I Googled Fertility Tea, mainly to see if there are any other teas which would work the same as the Assist Fertility Tea. There are 100s of pages which have info about Tea which is meant to help you conceive, like by doubling the chances of conception of every cycle. 

How have I never heard of this before???

The most well known tea which a lot of website say about is Green Tea, like many people I have heard and tried this before. I will be honest I am not 100% keen on it. From what I have read it sounds like a must tea to drink daily. In a study researchers have discovered that those participants that drank half cup or more of green tea per day doubled the chances of conception every cycle. How true this is I really don’t know. Its does sound well worth a try, as what have I got to lose? I just hope people are right and after you have something you don’t like for 20 times you start to really like it.

I am going to start drinking Green Tea daily from tomorrow 30th March 2013. I will do another blog about this in a months time, to let you know how I am getting on.

Have you ever tried ferility tea or green tea, when trying for a baby? Please let me know by commenting.

Thank you for reading.

Any questions please comment.

One Born Every Minute: Showing all aspects of childbirth

This weeks episode of One Born Every Minute, was more emotional than previous episodes. It showed the heart break and anguish of the parents of Kaiden, who unfortunately had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, a rare life-threatening condition, that affects 1 in every 2200 births.

It means that there is a hole in the diaphragm of the developing foetus, therefore the organs of the stomach can move up into the chest cavity. This as a result decreases the size that the lungs can develop grow to, ultimately meaning that once the child is born, and has to try and breath for itself, it encounters difficulty. As the lungs and blood supply, aren’t suitably developed to, quoting medical professionals, be compatible with life.

We must start by saying, that we can’t possible imagine what Hayley and Pete went through, it is a dreadful thing to happen to anybody and our thoughts go out to them, and all that have found themselves in a similar situation. You managed to stay so strong and united throughout, that should we have to go through anything like that we can be half as strong as you were.

We also want to praise channel 4 and One Born Every Minute, for having the bravery and honesty to show a topic, that happens daily around the world, but is easily overlooked in the happy and positive world of child birth. As we know from personal experience, my mother had a miscarriage, and a friend of ours had a child born with Hypoxic-Ischaemic Encephalopathy, who after 4 days of intensive treatment died in his parents arms.

While we don’t want babies to die, we were becoming slightly annoyed with the way the media and world in general assumes and presents this image that getting pregnant and having a baby is as simple as anything. When for a large number of people this is not the case, be it due to fertility problems or problems during or shortly after pregnancy.

So we thank mostly Hayley and Pete, but also channel 4 and One Born Every Minute for covering this story. It may be only the tip of the ice berg, but its a start to showing the world the problems that many couples go through in their quest to have children.

Is it just me?

On my Facebook and twitter it is over ran with people getting pregnant, I am so happy for all of my friends that they have been given a massive gift. But it does get to the point that it turns from just posting odd things on Facebook/Twitter to them showing off, I am not sure if they mean it, to come across like it does.

Like one lady who is on my friends list, who I have never meet in person but is a friend of a friends (I’m sure we all have friends online, we haven’t yet meet) well she has just found out she is 3 weeks pregnant after being with her my boyfriend for a couple of months. I can’t help but feel so jealous, we haven’t been trying for long as they say the depo can take 1 year to leave the body (so can’t count that in the time we have been trying). Not only has this lady got pregnant so fast, but has had a number of children taken into care. So does make you question why she is having another 1 after being with her new man so soon (why not wait and get a place together and make sure you can provide the best possible care for the new life you are bringing into the world). I don’t agree with abortion, so think its a good thing she isn’t going down that route. I think this person more than others has wound me up to the point that I am writing this blog, because every 5 mins we are getting updates about everything from things she has found on Google, clothes she has already bought, to how happy she is to give her partner his first child, the list goes on and on.

The world seems so unfair, when you think there are people who would make great parents and haven’t been given the gift of a baby.

I know this is all jealously talking, but its hard not to. When Facebook and twitter is over run with such people. I don’t want to lose friends over this. I mean only 1 friend knows we are trying and she only found out after asking what we were using not to get pregnant.

I am sure you probably have guessed my period started today GURRRR! So not in the best mood possible……..

Thanks for reading my rant, please feel free to comment.

Is ‘Trying’ the problem?

With more and more friends getting pregnant  mainly after a few months of being with there new partner. It has started to make me wonder, is it the trying which is actually causing the problem?

I mean two ways to explain how I’m coming to this conclusion is, if you think about how you are breathing, you will breath differently and same goes for walking, next time your having a walk think about how your walking. If your anything like me your start to move your hips a lot more, walk faster and end up walking in a really strange pattern.

None of my friends on Facebook, have tried for there baby and yet they are pregnant. I’m just thinking that maybe once you start to try for things, everything gets a lot harder and not as easy to do.

The problem is once you start “trying”  I think it would become impossible not to try and go back to thinking we don’t want a baby or just not thinking about it at all.  Obviously there are thousands in fact millions of people who try for a baby and in a matter of say 2 years, get the result they wanted. While there are other people who don’t, like there are millions of people who can rub there tummy and pat there head. I know I cant do that… but you cant compare that to getting pregnant, but it shows not everyone is the same.

Thanks for reading and again any comments or ideas would be gratefully received.

Lovehoney Enjoy Lubricant: Worth saving money?

We have been using a new lube lately made by Love Honey , the reason we started wasn’t because someone recommended it, but  because we occasionally need something as we had run out of conceive plus. Just before payday and with that being around £14. It made sense to go for a cheaper make. We get regular emails from Love Honey and we thought it would be a good idea to see what they have. We saw there own brand Enjoy, we thought for £5.99 for a 100ml bottle it wasn’t to bad and what have we got to lose.



It’s not too thick and it’s not too runny so it is easily spread. It doesn’t dry quickly which is a massive plus, It leaves you feeling lovely and sooth and not tacky like some other lubes can.  It also comes in a really nice looking bottle, with a really nice simple design on it.  Therefore overall we feel the price is good.


There really aren’t many, if any, cons which would put us off buying this again. Only thing I can think of which is a down side is there is no pump, so you have to pour it out, only a couple of times have we been left with more than we needed, this was when in a rush and wanting to get going.

We used to always get embarrassed when going into a shops to buy lube and condoms. On one occasion my partner, thinking he had got around the embarrassment went to a pay at a self service till, for there to be a problem with the deal he got, which resulted in the  till flashing and the lady coming, so really didn’t save any of the embarrassment. So for people like us, buying these items from a website is always a plus. We have been regular customers of Love Honey and would recommend them to anyone. There packing is very discreet, normally just a brown box or brown padded envelope.

Scientifically, we feel that the Conceive plus is the better lubricant for couples trying to get pregnant. However, for price, you can’t go far wrong with Lovehoney’s Enjoy Lube. We are going to try it for a couple of months before reverting back to conceive plus, so will obviously let you know if we get pregnant using it in the mean time.

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