Is ‘Trying’ the problem?

With more and more friends getting pregnant  mainly after a few months of being with there new partner. It has started to make me wonder, is it the trying which is actually causing the problem?

I mean two ways to explain how I’m coming to this conclusion is, if you think about how you are breathing, you will breath differently and same goes for walking, next time your having a walk think about how your walking. If your anything like me your start to move your hips a lot more, walk faster and end up walking in a really strange pattern.

None of my friends on Facebook, have tried for there baby and yet they are pregnant. I’m just thinking that maybe once you start to try for things, everything gets a lot harder and not as easy to do.

The problem is once you start “trying”  I think it would become impossible not to try and go back to thinking we don’t want a baby or just not thinking about it at all.  Obviously there are thousands in fact millions of people who try for a baby and in a matter of say 2 years, get the result they wanted. While there are other people who don’t, like there are millions of people who can rub there tummy and pat there head. I know I cant do that… but you cant compare that to getting pregnant, but it shows not everyone is the same.

Thanks for reading and again any comments or ideas would be gratefully received.


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