How to make him last longer…..

This is not as rude as it sounds, but has some logic to why it has been chosen. It has been found that if the female reaches orgasm, the chances of conceiving are increased, as the muscle contractions during orgasm, help to pull the sperm further into the vagina, thus aiding conception.

So therefore the longer the male can last, hopefully, will mean that the female will reach orgasm, and as such increase the couples chance of getting pregnant.

In researching we have found a range of ways to increase the time before he ejaculates, although many are not suitable or advisable for those trying to conceive:

  1. Male to masturbate/partner to get him to orgasm before having sex, as the second time the male will naturally last longer

Obviously this is not advisable as it will decrease his sperm count, as he can only produce a certain number of sperm cells in a given time, so if he wastes his quota of sperm via manual stimulation, fewer sperm cells will be available when trying to fertilise the females eggs.

There were some that might have be more beneficial:

  1. Breathing- apparently some men hold their breath, which causes them to tense and therefore ejaculate quicker
  2. Some positions are more sensitive for the male, this can be different for each person, so find which ones are suitable for you and avoid these.
  3. For him to focus on pleasuring her, not on how it feels for himself
  4. During both sex and foreplay, when he gets close, stop before he finishes and distract him before continuing. Some people say that if the female applies pressure to the underside of his penis, stopping the muscle, which is involved in ejaculation, from contracting, and again distracting him, will after several sessions of doing this, make him last longer overall.
  5. A commonly mentioned method is for the male to practice contracting his pubococcygeus muscle,  this he can do while he is peeing, he has to merely stop his flow for a couple of seconds then continue peeing. This should not be done during the first wee of the day, as the body gets rid of a large number of toxins, so stopping this mid flow can lead to possible urinary infections. But by strengthening this muscle will allow him to stop himself orgasming for as long as he wants.
  6. Talk, as a lot of the problem is psychological, the more he thinks that he doesn’t last long, the more he worries and the more prematurely he ejaculates. Meaning its a vicious cycle, that while frustrating, needs understanding and support from the female otherwise it will only get worse.

I hope that his helps some of our readers.

Thanks for reading and good luck trying to get pregnant


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