6 Weeks 5 Day (1st trimester)

Who would have thought that time could go as slowly as it does when pregnant? I for one didn’t!!!!!

On Monday 28th (oct) we have my first midwife appointment, I’m unsure what she does on what is called a bookings appointment, but by the sounds of it, she will ask for family history and I will have to fill in a lot of forms. My partner has been allowed the morning off work, so he can join me at the appointment, which is going to be great, as I’m very nervous about being pregnant and what if something goes wrong.

So how have I been feeling this week?

  • At times I get a dull like period pain (cramps,backache, tummy ache) not so bad I need painkillers thought.  I’m unsure if this is “normal” or not.  This is definitely something which I will be asking the midwife on Monday about.
  • Feeling very sick 24/7 but is a lot worst in the mornings, when I wake up!
  • Frequent-urination, I believe I am having to go to the toilet double as many times as I did last week!

I would Imagen to some people his all sounds very normal, but this being mine/our first time, we cant help but think of the worst outcome.

just over a week ago, I ended up calling 111 as I had bad backache and also tummy ache (cramps), I was soon told I had a kidney infection (after having to go to an out of hours doctors), so wouldn’t send me for a early scan, which is one way is a good thing, but would have been very nice to know everything is okay and Bean is in the right place (I’m extremely scared of having an  Ectopic Pregnancy  ) 

I’m sure everyone feels the same about waiting for the scan. I should think the next 8 months will be just as bad with worrying, but its every hard not too.  Will this start to change after the first scan?

We still cant quite believe we are having a baby naturally after being told by doctors we “could” have problems. Which is why We are trying not to let ourself get to excited and tell to many people, as its such early days.

Thank you for reading!!!

Comments more than welcome!


1-2 Weeks Pregant

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions, stress, excitement and worry!

Stress: not because of me being a few weeks pregnant, but because I lost my car key in the local woods (while walking our dog). Bad enough on its own, but I was using the spare key and it had my number plate written on the key ring. After a good while looking and following out tracks, we found my keys and before you wonder yes that key ring will be taken off and replaced!

Worry: Is the test correct, this is the reason behind me taken 2 of the Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests, then using an ASDA Home Pregnancy Tests, they all came back with 2 lines (positive). I was starting to believe and asked my partner to buy a Clear Blue Digital pregnancy test.


As you can see this test says I am 1-2 weeks pregnant ( I was ovulating around 2 weeks ago, so I am guessing it more 2 weeks than 1?).

Also I am a bit worried, as I still have period pain, which isn’t stupidly painful (runs to get pain killers) but its definitely there. I am planning on visiting my doctor today, to ask for advice. I have looked online and it sounds normal, but I would like to have someone tell me this rather than me read what other people say.

Excitment:  Because we have been trying for nearly two years, this is the out come we wanted from the start!


As a couple we are trying to not get to excited as our luck, is pretty bad over all, so we are trying not to get stupidly excited! I can tell you now its bloody hard not to tell people the good/brilliant/amazing news!

We will keep you all updated, how we get on. Today at the doctors and all though this amazing journey!

Thank you for reading out blog!

Am I pregnant?


I am currently a few days late for my period, and thought I would take a test (just to see).

The photo is the test which I took first of all, there is one dark line and a not so dark but still visible one. I then took another test, which after a few mins looked the same as this one. I am really unsure how to read this test, is it positive, or not.

As much as I hope these tests are correct, I find it very hard to believe as I have period pains and also the grumpyness, that I always get when I’m about to come on.

I bought these tests a few months ago, as they were very cheap online, another reason why I am finding it hard to read this test as a clear yes.

Any comments would be great

Thank you for reading!

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