1-2 Weeks Pregant

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions, stress, excitement and worry!

Stress: not because of me being a few weeks pregnant, but because I lost my car key in the local woods (while walking our dog). Bad enough on its own, but I was using the spare key and it had my number plate written on the key ring. After a good while looking and following out tracks, we found my keys and before you wonder yes that key ring will be taken off and replaced!

Worry: Is the test correct, this is the reason behind me taken 2 of the Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests, then using an ASDA Home Pregnancy Tests, they all came back with 2 lines (positive). I was starting to believe and asked my partner to buy a Clear Blue Digital pregnancy test.


As you can see this test says I am 1-2 weeks pregnant ( I was ovulating around 2 weeks ago, so I am guessing it more 2 weeks than 1?).

Also I am a bit worried, as I still have period pain, which isn’t stupidly painful (runs to get pain killers) but its definitely there. I am planning on visiting my doctor today, to ask for advice. I have looked online and it sounds normal, but I would like to have someone tell me this rather than me read what other people say.

Excitment:  Because we have been trying for nearly two years, this is the out come we wanted from the start!


As a couple we are trying to not get to excited as our luck, is pretty bad over all, so we are trying not to get stupidly excited! I can tell you now its bloody hard not to tell people the good/brilliant/amazing news!

We will keep you all updated, how we get on. Today at the doctors and all though this amazing journey!

Thank you for reading out blog!


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