Naming your Bump!

This is a common problem for newly expectant couples, with most settling for something ‘normal’ like bean or bump. Well, we wanted to be more original, so thought outside the box.

I have, I’d like to say since I was pregnant, but I have always been forgetful, although it has got worse since I’ve been pregnant. Well this really presented itself with keys. I’d like to say they were just my own keys, however, it got to the point, I was misplacing the keys of the families I work for. Then there was the occasion, I dropped my car keys in the middle of the woods, while walking my dog with a friend, before driving to pick her daughter up from school. Luckily, we found them in time. If you hadn’t guessed the common theme is keys, but we couldn’t call bump keys, and Aygo (the cars we had at the time) doesn’t sound better. So we decided to call it after both of our favourite car manufacturer, Lotus. A name that sounds classy yet has a personal meaning, and found that it soon stuck.


It has caused some problems, as some friends think we are going to call baby Lotus (we aren’t although would be different) and some got so confused as they think we are actually talking about a car/flower. Although why we would need a scan of the car/flower still puzzles me.

Thanks for reading


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