Just ordered the Nursery Furniture!!!



As you are more than likely aware we are in the middle of moving house (so far taken nearly 5 months and haven’t exchanged yet, joy of selling and buying a shared ownership house!).  So we have really waited as long as possible before ordering the cot set, as it would be more to move and could get damaged.

When ordering the Rialto Ivory Set from Mamas and Papas, we really had no choice than get it delivered in 4 weeks time (we really should be in the new place by then) and get it delivered to a family members.  I have however just noticed that Mama and Papas has sent us a receipt to our email address, which says the wrong delivery address, which means I have to take time out to contact them!  We both checked at the time that it had the right address, as for some reason once an order is placed even if its 4 weeks until delivery you cant change the address (I would understand this if it was getting delivered with in a week or so). Another personal hate is the way you spend over £400 and then have to pay delivery!!! I personally think this should be free.

I must now add that I have spoken to Mamas and Papas and they have informed me that we can change the delivery address and date up until 2 weeks before the delivery date. So no need to worry just yet.

On a happier note! 

Why did we choose this Nursery Set??

We have through out pregnancy looked at lots of different shops at the sets they have and the prices, we really liked one from Mothercare, but couldn’t justify spending over £800 on a Nursery Set plus getting a mattress. When we went into Mama and Papas we saw the  Rialto Ivory Set and really liked it, however we didn’t have the money and put it down on the “things to buy list”. A close family member offered to buy us a nursery set, so once we saw this set was in a sale with an extra 10% off, we soon ordered it.

In the shop it felt really soild and well made, but this really is another blog once we have the Nursery Set.

Thank you for reading, comments welcome!


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