We are taking over the world…. two domains at a time!

As we are beginning to get quite popular blog, with over 17,000 views (unbelievable), we thought that we’d make it easier for people to find our blog. We therefore purchased the domains; www.lifeafterdepo.com and www.lifeafterdepo.co.uk. (we are now just waiting for them to go live)

We have also had a redesign, and added a link to our twitter account. So if you aren’t already following us on there, please click the follow button, to keep updated on how we are getting on.

ps baby still not here…. ūüė¶


40+5 Over Due!!! Where has the time gone?

Sorry for not blogging in such a long time, we have been crazily busy with bump, who has been a lazy so-and-so at times, meaning we have had to take several trips to hospital for monitoring, scans and consultant appointments. We are also still embroiled in the midst of moving house, something which has taken far too long, but that’s story for another blog.


Finally got a bump, took about 34 weeks to appear, but its a nice little bump all out front, which I think I am very lucky. As, I might be biased, but I think its a lovely bump, with just a few stretch marks at the bottom. Although in the last few weeks it has dropped quite significantly.

What have we been up to lately?

Annoyingly baby is back to back (has been since 34 weeks!) no matter what I do to try and turn baby nothing seems to be working. I was recommended by our midwife of a website called Spinning Babies¬†as they have some ways you can try to get baby to turn. I find sitting on the birthing/physio ball very comfortable although although sometimes it’s not the case.

Until I saw this photo on their website ¬†I hadn’t quite realised just how baby was laying. As you can see in the picture bellow there is a huge difference to Anterior (way you want a baby to lay/come out) to the way babies do when Posterior (back to back). No wonder people say labour when a baby back to back is much more painful than an Anterior birth.


Last week (11th June 2014) we went to our 40 week Midwife appointment, where they tried to do a sweep, but where unsuccessful and could only just touch the cervix as it was to high.  Baby is now engaged so really is a waiting game, however we have been told they wont let you go over 42 weeks, which would mean baby will either come naturally or around the 25th, at which point I will be induced. The idea of being induced freaked us out at first as it sounds really scary! However I have had a lot of leg pain and this week. My legs, ankles and knees have really swollen up and hurt like hell!

We can’t wait for baby to arrive, and have tried all the ‘old wives tales’ under the sun, yet none have worked. Some make sense but some are a bit weird. I thought the easiest would be to eat lots of pineapple, however, soon remembered the reason why you don’t eat it in large quantities, because your tongue goes tingly for the next few hours. Hot curries was a no-no, as a real wimp with hot food, and slightly hot doesn’t seem to have same effect. Making love, raspberry leaf tea and bumpy roads all been tried but with no success.

I know that the wait will be worth it, but at this present moment, each day feels like a week and just want baby to be here in our arms.

Thanks for reading and we’ll keep you updated (first blog after babies arrival may be a while before published, as think we’ll be a bit busy, but will go up as soon as we get a chance).

Nearly 17 weeks Pregnant! What has it been like?

I have been so busy with work, pregnancy and trying to sell our house, I haven’t been able to write a blog for a while, so thought I would getting my writing hat on tonight and put down in words how these 17 weeks have been!

Well the time has flown by, we have had 2 midwife appointments, our first scan and heard the babies heart beat!!! Which have all been good, however there have been some difficult and challenging times, such as when to tell friends/family, choosing a name, morning sickness and illness.

We are both still so excited, and still feel so blessed that we have been given the gift of life, having been told that we may struggle to have children.

6 Weeks 5 Day (1st trimester)

Who would have thought that time could go as slowly as it does when pregnant? I for one didn’t!!!!!

On Monday 28th (oct) we have my first midwife appointment, I’m unsure what she does on what is called a bookings appointment, but by the sounds of it, she will ask for family history and I will have to fill in a lot of forms. My partner has been allowed the morning off work, so he can join me at the appointment, which is going to be great, as I’m very nervous about being pregnant and what if something goes wrong.

So how have I been feeling this week?

  • At times I get a dull like period pain (cramps,backache, tummy ache) not so bad I need painkillers thought. ¬†I’m unsure if this is “normal” or not. ¬†This is definitely something which I will be asking the midwife on Monday about.
  • Feeling very sick 24/7 but is a lot worst in the mornings, when I wake up!
  • Frequent-urination, I believe I am having to go to the toilet double as many times as I did last week!

I would Imagen to some people his all sounds very normal, but this being mine/our first time, we cant help but think of the worst outcome.

just over a week ago, I ended up calling 111 as I had bad backache and also tummy ache (cramps), I was soon told I had a kidney infection (after having to go to an out of hours doctors), so wouldn’t send me for a early scan, which is one way is a good thing, but would have been very nice to know everything is okay and Bean is in the right place (I’m extremely scared of having an ¬†Ectopic Pregnancy¬†¬†)¬†

I’m sure everyone feels the same about waiting for the scan. I should think the next 8 months will be just as bad with worrying, but its every hard not too. ¬†Will this start to change after the first scan?

We still cant quite believe we are having a baby naturally after being told by doctors we “could” have problems. Which is why We are trying not to let ourself get to excited and tell to many people, as its such early days.

Thank you for reading!!!

Comments more than welcome!

1-2 Weeks Pregant

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions, stress, excitement and worry!

Stress: not because of me being a few weeks pregnant, but because I lost my car key in the local woods (while walking our dog). Bad enough on its own, but I was using the spare key and it had my number plate written on the key ring. After a good while looking and following out tracks, we found my keys and before you wonder yes that key ring will be taken off and replaced!

Worry: Is the test correct, this is the reason behind me taken 2 of the Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests, then using an ASDA Home Pregnancy Tests, they all came back with 2 lines (positive). I was starting to believe and asked my partner to buy a Clear Blue Digital pregnancy test.


As you can see this test says I am 1-2 weeks pregnant ( I was ovulating around 2 weeks ago, so I am guessing it more 2 weeks than 1?).

Also I am a bit worried, as I still have period pain, which isn’t stupidly painful (runs to get pain killers) but its definitely there. I am planning on visiting my doctor today, to ask for advice. I have looked online and it sounds normal, but I would like to have someone tell me this rather than me read what other people say.

Excitment:  Because we have been trying for nearly two years, this is the out come we wanted from the start!


As a couple we are trying to not get to excited as our luck, is pretty bad over all, so we are trying not to get stupidly excited! I can tell you now its bloody hard not to tell people the good/brilliant/amazing news!

We will keep you all updated, how we get on. Today at the doctors and all though this amazing journey!

Thank you for reading out blog!

Am I pregnant?


I am currently a few days late for my period, and thought I would take a test (just to see).

The photo is the test which I took first of all, there is one dark line and a not so dark but still visible one. I then took another test, which after a few mins looked the same as this one. I am really unsure how to read this test, is it positive, or not.

As much as I hope these tests are correct, I find it very hard to believe as I have period pains and also the grumpyness, that I always get when I’m about to come on.

I bought these tests a few months ago, as they were very cheap online, another reason why I am finding it hard to read this test as a clear yes.

Any comments would be great

Thank you for reading!

Monitoring cycles

Unless you are very lucky, getting pregnant needs a certain amount of planning. In that you need to have sex on or in the 3 days leading up to your ovulation. Ovulation is meant to occur approximately 10-16 days before the start of your next period, however this varies from person to person. So how can you know when you are going to ovulate?

Well we had been relying on a free app, called My Days, something that we reviewed in a previous blog (My Days App). My partner has always been a little sceptical of it, as he says, how can a computer program know all these crucial information, when given minimal information about me. I however, have been more believing of it until recently, as it has always said that I will start a day earlier than I actually do, and I assumed that it would see this pattern and change it, which it never did. This month it was 4 days out, which as the last blog suggested, caused us to think that I might be pregnant. When actually upon looking at the diary I have been starting consistently around the 15th or 16th of each month, so was if fact perfectly on time. I have now started a diary to record when I start and finish my period. I have also purchased some pregnancy and ovulation test strips, to allow me to know for sure both when I ovulate, and should I be late in the future whether I am pregnant or not. These I will record on the calendar section of this blog. So basically my own version of My Days, but that doesn’t guess when I will start and when I ovulate. Only I won’t put on when we have been intimate, as though I love all of our readers, we aren’t really that close!

So what ways are there of monitoring cycles???

My Days App

This app on further examination, can be changed so that you have longer or shorter cycles, and can be customised much more if you want to, although this takes time and patience.

My days app

Here is a screenshot from the apps page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chris.mydays

There are other apps available, however, My Days, has the highest rating so I can only imagine that the rest are even more difficult to use.

The other alternative is the old paper and pen method, of using a method to test when you are ovulating, as discussed in my ovulation test page, then record the times you are at high ovulation and when you are on your period. So how do you know when to test and what do you record?

One method is using the Billings Ovulation Method: http://www.thebillingsovulationmethod.org/. This requires you to monitor the feel of the secretions in your vulva. By monitoring these, over several months, you can work out your cycles, especially by feel.

However, this seems like a lot of effort and neither of us can get our heads round it. So we are going to use the test strips on 3 consecutive days mid way between my periods (which are currently between 25 and 26 day gaps or a 30 to 31 day cycle). I will start on day 10-12 of cycle. Obviously if I am not ovulating on these days, I will try for the next 3 days, to cover the 6 day average quoted by the majority of websites online. We will obviously do further blogs on the findings. However, as any mathematicians may have noted from our calendar, my cycles while similar are currently increasing length, so are my periods back to normal? Am I ovulating at all? Hopefully this new method of recording and the test strips that I have ordered will allow us to find out the answers and help us to get pregnant.

Please feel free to comment if you have any advice, are using a method of working out ovulation, that you find useful, or anything else about the subject covered in this blog.

Thanks for reading.

Yay! We have our laptop back!

Finally we have received our laptop back! Got it back after 2 weeks, only for there to be a screw loose, so it had to be sent straight back. So we were not happy and a complaint has gone in.

On the positive, we have it back now and will resume blogging as normal. Thank you for your continued support while we were unable to post new blogs.


No Blogs for a while… laptop is broken

Sad news our laptop has got a broken screen, no idea how but it has been sent off for repair. Luckily it was covered on insurance. Unfortunately this means that we won’t be able to write any boss for the next few days/weeks depending on how long it takes to be repaired.

We will prepare lots so that when we get it back we can put them straight online.

Thank you for your continued support.

Is ‘Trying’ the problem?

With more and more friends getting pregnant  mainly after a few months of being with there new partner. It has started to make me wonder, is it the trying which is actually causing the problem?

I mean two ways to explain how I’m coming to this¬†conclusion¬†is, if you think about how you are breathing, you will breath¬†differently¬†and same goes for walking, next time your having a walk think about how your walking. If your anything like me your start to move your hips a lot more, walk faster and end up walking in a really strange pattern.

None of my friends on Facebook, have tried for there baby and yet they are pregnant. I’m just thinking that maybe once you start to try for things, everything gets a lot harder and not as easy to do.

The problem is once you start “trying” ¬†I think it would become impossible not to try and go back to thinking we don’t want a baby or just not thinking about it at all. ¬†Obviously¬†there are thousands in fact millions of people who try for a baby and in a matter of say 2 years, get the result they wanted. While there are other people who don’t, like there are millions of people who can rub there tummy and pat there head. I know I cant do that… but you cant compare that to getting¬†pregnant, but it shows not everyone is the same.

Thanks for reading and again any comments or ideas would be gratefully received.

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