Baby Shows, are they worth going to?

Since having a look online at things we want to get for little lotus, we have noticed that places do baby shows. I have been to a few wedding shows before we got pregnant to see how much it will cost when we get married (we were quite shocked!)

Having done some research as to when and where they are, we really have one or maybe two options, either go to the Baby Show at the Excel (London) which is in February (21st-23rd) or we go to the the more local one which doesn’t have a date yet, but tend to be May time.

The one which we are looking to go to is the Baby show at the Excel, mainly as I will be roughly 24 weeks pregnant, as its a  three hour drive from where we live in Norfolk, I shouldn’t find the drive to uncomfortable (in theory), another factor of going to the Excel show, is that as its in “London” I would imagine they would have more stalls which I would hope have some decent “show specials”.                                                                   

lx4937_1Reusable nappies- we have heard a mix lot of reviews from friends, some loving them while others hate them. I would really like to be able to see what they are like and what is involved in using them


Nursery set- we are looking for a set for no more than £500, so hoping they have some show specials, or some discount vouchers.

images (1)

Baby bean bags- a friend uses a normal  bean bag, so I know baby love them, but would like to see what the baby ones are like

baby rockerBaby Rockers- is it worth spending more? Or do the cheaper ones work just as well?

So as you can imagine, we are very excited and looking forward to getting some bargains, advice and hopefully lots of freebies (as everyone loves freebies)! If anyone has any suggestions about these shows, or products they recommend or would advise us to avoid, please leave a comment, as this is our first time, so all advice is gratefully recieved.

Thanks for reading.


Boosting your fertility…Tips to help you along the way!

The first and most obvious tip is to be as healthy as possible when trying to get pregnant. This includes a range of topics:

Alcohol, smoking and drugs- all decrease your fertility

Eating- Healthy eating helps you body prepare to get pregnant, purely by making it run as efficiently as possible. This can be supplemented by vitamins, especially Folic Acid, which is a crucial vitamin regarding pregnancy. For more details see our previous blogs ‘What foods will help us get pregnant’ and ‘What Vitamins should I be taking’.

Sleep- Likewise if your body doesn’t have enough sleep, it won’t be able to repair itself properly. So make sure you are not tired, and this can help improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Weight- Your weight can play an important part in getting pregnant, and that means both being over and under weight, as both can affect your fertility, as females with BMI within the ‘normal’ range are shown to have a greater chance of being able to conceive. With exercise proven to help control weight, as well as flooding the body with oxygen and lowering stress levels.

Stress- Couples who are experiencing high levels of stress, due to whatever reason, be it work or family problems, or even not getting pregnant, are shown to have a lower chance of getting pregnant. As our body reacts to stress in a fight or flight reaction, both of which direct blood away from our genital areas, as such fertility will be decreased, and therefore having a baby is made a lot more difficult. So the advice, relax and put things in persepective.

The last bit of advice is regarding sex itself. As we have previously mentioned in other blogs, sperm can live for 3-5 days, so it is important to have sex in the lead up to ovulation, as after ovulation the egg is no longer able to be fertilised. So therefore it is recommended that couples use ovulation tests to help them plan when you will be ovulating (as working off a calendar system can be problematic), so can make sure intercourse occurs in the lead up to it. However, sex must remain fun, as if it is only a case of having sex for the sake of becoming pregnant, it may become like a chore or even a job, which you will start to resent and possibly cause relationship problems. So general advice online is have sex approximately 3 times a week, and make it fun, have a romantic evening, or try new things in the bedroom, to keep you both entertained, while making sure it doesn’t become stressful and lose the fun.

Most couples normally get pregnant after a year of trying (once all contraceptives and the like are out of their system), so if you have been trying for over a year and still had no luck, it may be time to go and see your doctor, who can advise what may be causing the problem and help direct you to relevant help or treatment.

Thanks for reading

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