Nearly 17 weeks Pregnant! What has it been like?

I have been so busy with work, pregnancy and trying to sell our house, I haven’t been able to write a blog for a while, so thought I would getting my writing hat on tonight and put down in words how these 17 weeks have been!

Well the time has flown by, we have had 2 midwife appointments, our first scan and heard the babies heart beat!!! Which have all been good, however there have been some difficult and challenging times, such as when to tell friends/family, choosing a name, morning sickness and illness.

We are both still so excited, and still feel so blessed that we have been given the gift of life, having been told that we may struggle to have children.


So why do I have to wait so long?

Today I was at the doctors, for something unrelated to pregnancy, unfortunately. Anyway, as I was there, I thought that I would ask the doctor, when we would be able to be tested regarding mine and my partners fertility. She informed me that it would be 1 year after the 1 year it takes for the Depo-Provera injection to get out of your system. So that is 2 years after you finish the depo. Although hopefully I will be pregnant within 2 years this seems like a very long time.

I understand the reasoning (to a point), that it means people don’t finish the depo and immediately want to know if they are fertile. However if your body has returned to normal (normal periods) then why do you still have to wait for this 2 year point. Shouldn’t it be like a year  after they have returned to your normal pattern? And why do you have to have a year of trying, as be it by luck or planning, I am sure that within 6 months 99% of couples will have sex while she is ovulating at least once.

And yes there are testing kits that you can buy (as mentioned in previous blog: Fertility Tests) to monitor and plan when you are ovulating, but should I really have to pay for this, when there is an option available for free from the NHS.

Also, and I think that I have said about this before, but if the Depo injection does not leave your body for one year, then why do you have to have an injection every 3 months and not once a year??? And I know of a friend, who got pregnant while having the depo every 3 months as prescribed, so really I don’t think they actually know how long it will affect different people, but should it really be a widely used contraceptive if this is the case??? I often wonder this, and can find no suitably adequate answer either on the internet or from medical professionals.

So now its a case of waiting with fingers crossed, hoping that I am fortunate enough to fall pregnant within the next year and a half, before we are allowed to have tests on the NHS, to make sure that we are able to have children naturally.

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