Monitoring cycles

Unless you are very lucky, getting pregnant needs a certain amount of planning. In that you need to have sex on or in the 3 days leading up to your ovulation. Ovulation is meant to occur approximately 10-16 days before the start of your next period, however this varies from person to person. So how can you know when you are going to ovulate?

Well we had been relying on a free app, called My Days, something that we reviewed in a previous blog (My Days App). My partner has always been a little sceptical of it, as he says, how can a computer program know all these crucial information, when given minimal information about me. I however, have been more believing of it until recently, as it has always said that I will start a day earlier than I actually do, and I assumed that it would see this pattern and change it, which it never did. This month it was 4 days out, which as the last blog suggested, caused us to think that I might be pregnant. When actually upon looking at the diary I have been starting consistently around the 15th or 16th of each month, so was if fact perfectly on time. I have now started a diary to record when I start and finish my period. I have also purchased some pregnancy and ovulation test strips, to allow me to know for sure both when I ovulate, and should I be late in the future whether I am pregnant or not. These I will record on the calendar section of this blog. So basically my own version of My Days, but that doesn’t guess when I will start and when I ovulate. Only I won’t put on when we have been intimate, as though I love all of our readers, we aren’t really that close!

So what ways are there of monitoring cycles???

My Days App

This app on further examination, can be changed so that you have longer or shorter cycles, and can be customised much more if you want to, although this takes time and patience.

My days app

Here is a screenshot from the apps page:

There are other apps available, however, My Days, has the highest rating so I can only imagine that the rest are even more difficult to use.

The other alternative is the old paper and pen method, of using a method to test when you are ovulating, as discussed in my ovulation test page, then record the times you are at high ovulation and when you are on your period. So how do you know when to test and what do you record?

One method is using the Billings Ovulation Method: This requires you to monitor the feel of the secretions in your vulva. By monitoring these, over several months, you can work out your cycles, especially by feel.

However, this seems like a lot of effort and neither of us can get our heads round it. So we are going to use the test strips on 3 consecutive days mid way between my periods (which are currently between 25 and 26 day gaps or a 30 to 31 day cycle). I will start on day 10-12 of cycle. Obviously if I am not ovulating on these days, I will try for the next 3 days, to cover the 6 day average quoted by the majority of websites online. We will obviously do further blogs on the findings. However, as any mathematicians may have noted from our calendar, my cycles while similar are currently increasing length, so are my periods back to normal? Am I ovulating at all? Hopefully this new method of recording and the test strips that I have ordered will allow us to find out the answers and help us to get pregnant.

Please feel free to comment if you have any advice, are using a method of working out ovulation, that you find useful, or anything else about the subject covered in this blog.

Thanks for reading.


3 Days Late, Do We Dare To Dream???

As the title says I am 3 days late, this being said I am going by my app called “My Days” It says I should have started a few days ago. My other half doesn’t believe the app is ever right, as its is only an “app”. We shall see, I hope it is but I very much doubt it this time.

Do I dare dream??

I am a little unsure if I am pregnant the reasons for this is, I have all the normal signs of my  time of the month tummy cramps, tiredness and feeling a bit grumpy.

I have been late before (quite a few months ago now)  and it wasn’t anything, so I very much doubt its different this time, but cant help to think “what if” seeing as we have been trying this surely will happen at some point (being late because of being pregnant).

The worst thing about being late is the fact that my body has gone a bit crazy and I have started to feel sick and I also have heart burn but that’s nothing new I have had that for months now. I am not to sure why but I believe its probably all to do with me going on Google and searching for the signs of early pregnancy, like when people talk about nits you always start to get itchy.

I am very nervous about going out and getting a test in case I am “just late” and then I have wasted £10 on it. I will wait until I know for sure I have missed my period before going to get one.  Why cant there be an obvious sign that your pregnant from the start? It would be a lot easier or is there, and I just don’t know what the sign is?

While I wish and hope I am pregnant, as its what we have both wanted for the last year and a bit, I find it hard to believe I am, as I have all the signs that I am going to come on.

I will keep you updated, I am hoping I am wrong and I will be back in a few days saying YAY I am, but for now we shall wait and see.

Fingers Crossed!!!!

Thanks for reading.

Comments welcome.

Is it just me?

On my Facebook and twitter it is over ran with people getting pregnant, I am so happy for all of my friends that they have been given a massive gift. But it does get to the point that it turns from just posting odd things on Facebook/Twitter to them showing off, I am not sure if they mean it, to come across like it does.

Like one lady who is on my friends list, who I have never meet in person but is a friend of a friends (I’m sure we all have friends online, we haven’t yet meet) well she has just found out she is 3 weeks pregnant after being with her my boyfriend for a couple of months. I can’t help but feel so jealous, we haven’t been trying for long as they say the depo can take 1 year to leave the body (so can’t count that in the time we have been trying). Not only has this lady got pregnant so fast, but has had a number of children taken into care. So does make you question why she is having another 1 after being with her new man so soon (why not wait and get a place together and make sure you can provide the best possible care for the new life you are bringing into the world). I don’t agree with abortion, so think its a good thing she isn’t going down that route. I think this person more than others has wound me up to the point that I am writing this blog, because every 5 mins we are getting updates about everything from things she has found on Google, clothes she has already bought, to how happy she is to give her partner his first child, the list goes on and on.

The world seems so unfair, when you think there are people who would make great parents and haven’t been given the gift of a baby.

I know this is all jealously talking, but its hard not to. When Facebook and twitter is over run with such people. I don’t want to lose friends over this. I mean only 1 friend knows we are trying and she only found out after asking what we were using not to get pregnant.

I am sure you probably have guessed my period started today GURRRR! So not in the best mood possible……..

Thanks for reading my rant, please feel free to comment.

Eye of the Storm

We have been very lucky recently and had lots of programs and films that we have been able to talk about on our blog. However, I want to bring it back down to the more personal level, that we started the blog with and has got us so many followers.

So as you probably guessed by my last post, I am currently on my period. Anyway, since my periods have returned to normal after having the depo-provera injection, I have had regular periods, but they are unusual in the way they happen. It is like the title describes, starts off really heavy, then in the middle nearly stops, and then gets heavy again before stopping. I am not concerned as they last the same length as my periods used to before the depo, but it is weird.

Does anyone else experience periods like this? Has it always been like that or after coming off a form of contraception?

Am I back to “Normal”

Okay so normal is a bit of a strange word to use, as is anyone “normal”? Many people would say I’m far from it.

What I mean by “normal” with this blog is am I back to the way I was before the depo?

Well its been 3 months now since my period’s have been regular. I have noticed something which I never thought about before the depo, I either have a heavy period and spend most of the time sleepy. On the other hand I can have a light period and get very grumpy and hate everyone and everything, one thing which is common with both is the fact I get very clumsy (saying this I am a very clumsy person).

Now my periods are regular does this mean I’m fertile? We would both hope that it is the case, however, just because I am having a period does not mean that I am necessarily releasing an egg.

So really that leaves two possibilities, firstly we wait till we can get a full fertility test done on the NHS, or we can purchase the home testing ovulation kits, as discussed before. Both have downsides, the first is not available till 2 years after the last depo injection, which means no test till March 2014! Which as we always say, why is it so long, if the depo is only meant to last 3 months?

Whereas if we go with the self testing kit, it incurs a personal cost, and does carry a certain risk that we may do it at the wrong time of the month (not seen instructions, so not sure how well the inform you of when you need to use). Plus why should we pay for something to solve a problem caused by a contraception that they say is safe for use, yet seems to have no end of problems?

I think we will wait till after Christmas and then invest in some ovulation tests, as though we are in no rush to have a baby, we want to know if it is going to be possible naturally or if we are going to need assistance. Lets hope it can all happen naturally.

Thanks for reading

Late again!!!

Well today marks with 4th day I am late for my period. My periods have been getting back to normal over the last 2/3 month. I wont allow my self to think what if….. am I pregnant, as I’ve been there before and got the t-shirt. This got me thinking about the good and the bad about being late or missing a period.

On one hand it can be a great thing to miss a period when your trying for a baby, but on the other hand it can bring such disappointment when you turn out just to be a few days out of sync with your regular cycle.

I’m sure a few friends would agree with this statement (although its not something which has happened to me personally) after having a one night stand or unprotected sex with your partner (because it feels better than using condoms) and then being a few days day late can be a real worrying time and unlike when a couple are trying for a baby, it can be a relief to start a period. As I’ve said in another blog about a friend who bought a pregnancy test and was saying how she would get rid of “it” if she was pregnant.

I very much doubt I’m pregnant by the fact, I’ve been getting a lot of period pain, such as back ache and tummy cramps and the usual headaches that go with this time of the month. But you do never know…

I’m ….. Not Pregnant!!!

Well as I first thought, I’m not pregnant. It would have been nice to have been able to say I was.  As you would have already guessed this means my other half isn’t psychic after all, no surprise there, as he is often wrong.

This got me thinking is it a common thing with the depo injection that people, like myself, start to feel and get the symptoms of pregnancy when we aren’t?

After doing a lot of research about this on-line  to see if my symptoms were pregnancy or not. I came across a lot of people with the same problem while on the depo, It would seem its rather a common problem with the depo that you start to feel and get the symptoms like pregnancy. The shot makes your body think you are pregnant it  so its no surprise that it can cause some of us to gain weight, breast tenderness, sickness, back aches and everything else connected with pregnancy.

So if this is most common in people who are still having the depo, so why am I showing the same effects 6 months down the line?

I would just like to add that a friend of mine did get pregnant while taken the depo shot, so if you think your pregant and showing signs why not get a test and see? Some are cheaper than others such as the  Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests and have evidence they are as good as the more expensive ones which you can see on my other blog called The big dilemma price or quality

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave helpful comments.

Am I pregant after 6months after the depo shot? Wishful Thinking???

If I am it would be rather funny, as just after when we decided to come off the depo, my partner said, it will be September when I would get pregnant. Something we only remembered he had said the other day. So we will soon find out if he is psychic.

Well its been about just over 2 weeks now since I had some bleeding, which as I’ve said before on another blog (If I went back in time would I have the Depo again), I can bleed anything from one day to a month without any break.

Since just over 2 weeks ago I stopped bleeding (which this time was only for 3days) we have been having regular sex to try and improve the chances of getting pregnant.

So what makes me think am I pregnant? Well my nipples are sore, I feel pretty sick, am very tired and also had an increased need to urinate  I have looked on a few websites including NHS Symptoms of Pregnancy and Emma’s Diary. One thing I noticed straight away after doing some research was these symptoms could be associated with other conditions as well so cant say they are 100% meaning I’m pregnant (oh how we would love it to mean we were). Most of the symptoms I have are way to early for being 2/3 weeks pregnant. But there is always a possibility.

I suppose its best to wait another month before buying a test, mainly as they aren’t cheap and I worry about getting mine and my partners hopes up. Another bad thing about the depo shot is I’m unsure if I have missed my period unlike before I could pretty much say 90% of the time when I was due to start but now its really hit and miss….

I have always thought and said it would take years to get pregnant and I really will be shocked when the time comes when we get pregnant and the moment I am trying to put it at the back of my mind that we are trying to get pregnant and remember the main thing is to have fun.

Why should I pay for Sanitary Towels???

I have always had this grumble, why should us females have to pay for sanitary towels/tampons whatever you use. However, my feeling of irritation have grown since coming off the depo, as I am now bleeding for 90% of each month, so am going through about 5 or more packs a month. Which had been very expensive, as each pack is about £3 each. However, I have recently discovered that Poundland sells exactly the same thing, but for a not suprising £1 price tag.

Yes I know that I chose to have the depo, and one of the side effects is irregular periods. Whether its me misunderstanding but that suggest periods may not be monthly, either not happening or be several times a month, but to be bleeding for all but a week of the month, is a little bit more than irregular periods. So should the company that produce the depo injection not foot the bill, or should they be available on the nhs like condoms are?

I do understand that this is to encourage safe sex, and reduce the transmission of STDs, but ultimately it is for something fun. Periods are anything but, and are in no way through choice, so why should females have to pay for these when men get things to make having fun safe for free?

Or should Always decrease their prices? Or are they in colusion with the depo people and share the profits…

ps I am currently on again, hence me writing this current grumble. lol 🙂

The Pill…Is it the best form of contraception?

This is another hormonal contraceptive, meaning that it prevents a female becoming pregnant by altering hormone levels. It contains both oestrogen and progestin. It works by taking a pill at the same time every day for 21 days, followed by a week of no tablets, or a placebo tablet. The female will have a period during that week, but remained protected for all 28 days. There are other versions, where there are 24 days of pill and only 4 days of placebo. The  period is more controlled than normal periods as is controlled to be at a certain time, as it can be delayed, by taking the active pills for a longer period than 21 days.

So for a start this contraceptive option, does not stop periods as the other do, or at least claim to do. It also requires a greater effort from the user, as they are required to take a pill every day, rather than have a one of injection. So are there other negatives with this option? Yes, it is like other hormonal options, such as acne, weight gain, decreased sex drive, change in vaginal secretions, depression and possibly increase blood pressure.

However, due to its short term effect of each pill, the benefit of the pill is that it will be out of the system very quickly, so should return to normal ovulation very quickly. So this is a popular choice for people who are considering getting pregnant soon, but not ready quite yet.

However, for me personally the problem would be remembering to take a pill every day, as my memory isn’t the greatest, and I don’t stick to a routine, so would probably forgot several times a month, which then makes the drug much less effective.

So has a lot of the down sides of other hormonal options, but does have the benefit of being quickly out of the system once you stop.

Still to go in our reviews is condoms and IUDs. There is more permanent contraceptive options like hysterectomy or the male snip. However these are a bit more permanent and not really suitable for people like us who are looking to get pregnant afterwards.

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