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I am now 8 weeks 4 days pregnant, I have been feeling extremely sick since about 5 weeks.   I asked my midwife what she would recommend to help me feel better, lets put it this way, she was the least bit interested and didnt give me an answer, so I ended up asking a friend who has had a few children, she recommended root ginger capsules (as I really cant stand the taste of ginger!)


What is ginger root?

Ginger is native to Asia. The underground root or rhizome of the ginger plant has been used in Asian, Indian and Arabic traditions since ancient times. As well as being used as a food supplement, it has been used as a cooking spice for over 4000 years.

The active components of the ginger root are thought to be its volatile oils and pungent compounds such as gingerols and shogaols.


Today Is my 5th day of having two capsules a day (I take one in the morning and one after dinner), I have definitely felt better, not 100% but more like 60% better than I did a week ago.

They aren’t the cheapest thing to buy, however they are extremely worth the price (£8.36 a bottle), like a lot of things, I am sure if you shop around could find them cheaper.

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Am I pregnant?


I am currently a few days late for my period, and thought I would take a test (just to see).

The photo is the test which I took first of all, there is one dark line and a not so dark but still visible one. I then took another test, which after a few mins looked the same as this one. I am really unsure how to read this test, is it positive, or not.

As much as I hope these tests are correct, I find it very hard to believe as I have period pains and also the grumpyness, that I always get when I’m about to come on.

I bought these tests a few months ago, as they were very cheap online, another reason why I am finding it hard to read this test as a clear yes.

Any comments would be great

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