3 Days Late, Do We Dare To Dream???

As the title says I am 3 days late, this being said I am going by my app called “My Days” It says I should have started a few days ago. My other half doesn’t believe the app is ever right, as its is only an “app”. We shall see, I hope it is but I very much doubt it this time.

Do I dare dream??

I am a little unsure if I am pregnant the reasons for this is, I have all the normal signs of my  time of the month tummy cramps, tiredness and feeling a bit grumpy.

I have been late before (quite a few months ago now)  and it wasn’t anything, so I very much doubt its different this time, but cant help to think “what if” seeing as we have been trying this surely will happen at some point (being late because of being pregnant).

The worst thing about being late is the fact that my body has gone a bit crazy and I have started to feel sick and I also have heart burn but that’s nothing new I have had that for months now. I am not to sure why but I believe its probably all to do with me going on Google and searching for the signs of early pregnancy, like when people talk about nits you always start to get itchy.

I am very nervous about going out and getting a test in case I am “just late” and then I have wasted £10 on it. I will wait until I know for sure I have missed my period before going to get one.  Why cant there be an obvious sign that your pregnant from the start? It would be a lot easier or is there, and I just don’t know what the sign is?

While I wish and hope I am pregnant, as its what we have both wanted for the last year and a bit, I find it hard to believe I am, as I have all the signs that I am going to come on.

I will keep you updated, I am hoping I am wrong and I will be back in a few days saying YAY I am, but for now we shall wait and see.

Fingers Crossed!!!!

Thanks for reading.

Comments welcome.


Late again!!!

Well today marks with 4th day I am late for my period. My periods have been getting back to normal over the last 2/3 month. I wont allow my self to think what if….. am I pregnant, as I’ve been there before and got the t-shirt. This got me thinking about the good and the bad about being late or missing a period.

On one hand it can be a great thing to miss a period when your trying for a baby, but on the other hand it can bring such disappointment when you turn out just to be a few days out of sync with your regular cycle.

I’m sure a few friends would agree with this statement (although its not something which has happened to me personally) after having a one night stand or unprotected sex with your partner (because it feels better than using condoms) and then being a few days day late can be a real worrying time and unlike when a couple are trying for a baby, it can be a relief to start a period. As I’ve said in another blog about a friend who bought a pregnancy test and was saying how she would get rid of “it” if she was pregnant.

I very much doubt I’m pregnant by the fact, I’ve been getting a lot of period pain, such as back ache and tummy cramps and the usual headaches that go with this time of the month. But you do never know…

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