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As we are beginning to get quite popular blog, with over 17,000 views (unbelievable), we thought that we’d make it easier for people to find our blog. We therefore purchased the domains; www.lifeafterdepo.com and www.lifeafterdepo.co.uk. (we are now just waiting for them to go live)

We have also had a redesign, and added a link to our twitter account. So if you aren’t already following us on there, please click the follow button, to keep updated on how we are getting on.

ps baby still not here…. ūüė¶


Green Tea and Fertlity

759747bI was looking on Twitter yesterday, before going to bed. I was tweeting people and having a good read of what people where saying.

I follow someone called¬†AssistFertility, she sells¬†Fertility Tea and like us does a blog¬†about trying for a baby. I saw that she was¬†adverting Fertility Tea that she sold, I had not heard of this before and being such a stranger to it. I soon looked on her website. I was rather excited by the idea of trying something new and seeing if it could work for us. I soon showed my partner the website and was very tempted to buy the tea, last night. Lucky he noticed that it included nettles. I am badly¬†allergic¬†to nettles, so can’t take the risk even if its only a tiny amount they put into the tea bags.

So today, when I have had the chance as my partner has been using the laptop. I Googled Fertility Tea, mainly to see if there are any other teas which would work the same as the Assist Fertility Tea. There are 100s of pages which have info about Tea which is meant to help you conceive, like by doubling the chances of conception of every cycle. 

How have I never heard of this before???

The most well known tea which a lot of website say about is Green Tea, like many people I have heard and tried this before. I will be honest I am not 100% keen on it. From what I have read it sounds like a must tea to drink daily.¬†In a study researchers have discovered that those participants that drank half cup or more of green tea per day doubled the chances of conception every cycle. How true this is I really don’t know. Its does sound well worth a try, as what have I got to lose? I just hope people are right and after you have something you don’t like for 20 times you start to really like it.

I am going to start drinking Green Tea daily from tomorrow 30th March 2013. I will do another blog about this in a months time, to let you know how I am getting on.

Have you ever tried ferility tea or green tea, when trying for a baby? Please let me know by commenting.

Thank you for reading.

Any questions please comment.

Is it just me?

On my Facebook and twitter it is over ran with people getting pregnant, I am so happy for all of my friends that they have been given a massive gift. But it does get to the point that it turns from just posting odd things on Facebook/Twitter to them showing off, I am not sure if they mean it, to come across like it does.

Like one lady who is on my friends list, who I have never meet in person but is a friend of a friends (I’m sure we all have friends online, we haven’t yet meet) well she has just found out she is 3 weeks¬†pregnant¬†after being with her my boyfriend for a couple of months. I can’t help but feel so jealous, we haven’t been trying for long as they say the depo can take 1 year to leave the body (so can’t count that in the time we have been trying). Not only has this lady got¬†pregnant¬†so fast, but has had a number of children taken into care. So does make you question why she is having another 1 after being with her new man so soon (why not wait and get a place together and make sure you can provide the best possible care for the new life you are bringing into the world). I don’t agree with¬†abortion, so think its a good thing she isn’t going down that route. I think this person more than others has wound me up to the point that I am writing this blog, because every 5 mins we are getting updates about everything from things she has found on Google, clothes she has already bought, to how happy she is to give her partner his first child, the list goes on and on.

The world seems so unfair, when you think there are people who would make great parents and haven’t been given the gift of a baby.

I know this is all jealously talking, but its hard not to. When Facebook and twitter is over run with such people. I don’t want to lose friends over this. I mean only 1 friend knows we are trying and she only found out after asking what we were using not to get¬†pregnant.

I am sure you probably have guessed my period started today GURRRR! So not in the best mood possible……..

Thanks for reading my rant, please feel free to comment.

Avoiding Depression! The Horrible Cycle

I am in quite a miserable mood, as have just started my period again. Which obviously means I am once again not pregnant, for me it is no surprise, as I have been getting my usual pre-menstural symptoms for the past week. However, I must say that a small part of me is disappointed. Granted this marks the year point, at which depo provera injection runs out. Therefore our attempts to get pregnant so get a boost from now on.

As we have seen from people on Twitter and other websites, the psychological effect that not getting pregnant month after month is massive. It was summed up well by Jennifer Lopez’s character in the What to expect when your expecting! She felt like she was a failure as a woman, not being able to conceive. This feeling must cause depression and increase the stress surrounding the whole process of trying to get pregnant. Which as we have seen in other posts¬†stress is a common cause in decreasing both male and females fertility.

I feel slight disappointment, and we haven’t realistically been trying completely as the depo has only just left my system. So I can only imagine how people cope, month after month. It seems that communication and support from others in the same position is the way to cope, as there are many groups for people from all over the world in their attempts to get pregnant.

Obviously I hope that we don’t get to that point, but if people currently in this unfortunate situation could share their coping strategies it would be greatly appreciated, by not only me, but also our other readers.

Thanks for reading and as always comments welcome!

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