Diabetes in men and pregancy

This is something which I’m sure is relevant to other people as well as us. My partner has type 1 diabetes and we have been wondering lately as to how much this would take a part in us getting pregnant. I would love to think it wouldn’t but then again its the whole unknown. I have done some research, which first thing I noticed was that there was a lot more about diabetes in women and pregnancy rather than men. I still found some very helpful information:

Diabetes causes a range of problems, in men these include:

  • altered DNA of sperm, which affects getting pregnant, the health of the foetus and even the chance of live births
  • males with diabetes have a lower semen levels

These problems are all made worse by the male having poor control over his blood sugar levels, which mean that his overall health is worse, therefore meaning the health of his sperm is also worse.

I think unless your partner isn’t in-control of his sugar levels, I cant see a reason why you shouldn’t try for a baby. This blog is not meant to be scare mongering, it is just information that I have found on the internet. My partner has good control over his blood sugar, so fingers crossed can’t see any problems. However, I know that we want children, so would still be trying anyway. As it must be remembered that diabetes only increases the risk of the aforementioned problems occurring, it is not a guarantee that they will, much like running across a road without looking increase the chance of being hit, but doesn’t mean it will definitely happen!

So fingers crossed that his diabetes won’t affect us getting pregnant too much.


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